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Do You Really Trust Your Bathroom Scale?

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Digital bathroom scales are fickle equipment. They can give you different weights every day or even every few hours. Maybe you will have a little doubt. Is the quality of my electronic bathroom scale poor? Not necessarily. Sometimes, even if you use even a better bathroom scale, it seems very inaccurate. The household bathroom scale displays your weight on the dial or digital screen. These scales can measure body weight in one of the following ways: mechanically, spring-ground or electronically. Circuits bend under the influence of weight, changing the current passing through them. Generally, digital bathroom scales are more accurate than mechanical scales. But in order to get the most accurate readings, any bathroom scale must be set up correctly and used consistently.



68-2 industrial weighing scale

How to Use Bathroom Scale Correctly?

First, you must make sure that you are weighing on a hard, flat surface. When the digital bathroom weighing scale is placed on a carpet or tilted, it will cause uneven pressure on the four sensors on the corners of the scale and cause inaccurate readings. Ideally, you need to use the digital body weight bathroom scale in the same location on a hard surface every time. Once you move them frequently, you will get many interesting readings. In order to get the most accurate readings, it is recommended that you always calibrate before use.


When we regularly calibrated the highest and second place picking scales and used them on a hard, flat surface at home, we found that we also got acceptable accurate readings. These readings may bounce back from time to time. That is, digital electronic bathroom scales are not always accurate. But they still fall within the acceptable spread of truth. Accuracy means that each measured value is close to the other measured values. The metric can be the same many times in a row, but it is far from the truth. Accuracy refers to being close to the real situation within an acceptable error range. Compared with high-quality digital scales in doctor's offices and hospitals, household digital bathroom scales have lower quality electronic meters. To get more consistent accurate and consistently accurate readings, you need a scale with more sensors than an affordable bathroom scale.



68-1 mechanical weighing scale

Is the Accurate Enough?

It takes about 6 pounds to move your body mass index by one full unit. Even for a clumsy digital glass bathroom scale, this is far beyond the margin of error. The scale may be up to a pound or so, which has a larger margin of error than our choice. But even so, such a mechanical bathroom scale can still provide sufficiently accurate and consistent results for public health research.


Even an imperfect scale will let you know over time that you are losing weight or gaining weight. Therefore, when we use bathroom scales, the most important thing is to pay attention to trends.


To minimize the number fluctuations you see on the dial, the scale manufacturer recommends that you weigh yourself at a consistent time of the day. For example, when waking up, this can minimize weight changes caused by hydration and eating. For example, consider a dietitian who weighed 15 times during the course of a day and found that she "gained" 7 pounds.



How often you should measure your weight depends on your goals. In order to understand your weight simply, we recommend that you weigh yourself once a week to understand your physical condition by bluetooth bathroom scales or smart bathroom scales.

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