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Do You Worry About Body Weight When Weighing?

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Many girls care about their body weight. They are eager to know how much their body weight is when they face the digital weight machine. But they are afraid the increasing numbers on the weighing scale. Therefore, to weigh or not to weigh, that is the question.


No matter girls weigh or not, losing weight is their topic forever. When summer comes, it is time for girls to fight with digital weighing scale”. They try to lose weight in order to get the good body shape, and they will be pleased for losing few pounds or sad for increasing numbers on the electronic weighing scale. Some girls even control their diets strictly and do not eat rice, since rice is principal food. Therefore, losing weight is indeed a distressing question especially for the fat girls, who are often laughed at due to their obese body shape. Nowadays, it seems many girls advocate losing weight. What other reasons to make the girls want to lose weight? Let us see together.


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1, Girls want to lose weight since they want to increase self-confidence.


We all know that good body shape can bring good feeling for people. When a girl has a good body shape, she can dress beautiful skirts and clothes. When she goes out, many people will admire her good body shape, which will bring the confidence for her. On the contrary, the fat girl will be easy to attract more strange eyes and even be scoffed at due to obesity, especially when reading the increasing numbers on the digital scale. For the girls who are not strong enough in their inner heart, they will become more inferior and even close themselves at last.



2, Girls lose weight since they want to win love and step into the palace of marriage.


There is no doubt that obese girls have less chance to be favored by men compared with slim and beautiful girls. Although we dont know how serious it is, but we have to admit that it is definitely true. Suppose you were a man, will you choose slim and beautiful girl or obese girl when you meet them for the first time?


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3, losing weight can eliminate bad impressions.


Some people often say if a person cannot even control his or her body shape, how can he or she control his or her life? If you read the sentence carefully, whether does it have little contempt for obese people who lack self-discipline behind it?


Of course, there are some people who do not advocate losing weight. They think obesity may be caused by gene or genetic mutation. For some obese people, they will gain weight even if they only drink water, and measuring on the electric weight machine is a distressing moment. So my suggestion is that you may find scientific methods to lose weight and keep good diet habits. If you cannot change your body shape, you had better adjust yourself, and do not worry about it too much, just live the life as you like. 

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