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How to Choose the Right Lab Balance?

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Laboratory balance is an expensive investment purchased by the laboratory to assist operators in experimental operations. But there are all kinds of laboratory weighing balances on the market, and it may be difficult for you to choose the balance that best suits your needs. Today, we will introduce some factors that can affect the quality and accuracy of the balance. Knowing these factors, you can purchase weighing equipment for your laboratory more purposefully.



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Is the Higher the Price, the Better?

Almost everything follows the same principle: things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. First of all, brand is a factor affecting the price of laboratory balance. Some scales are very similar, but the brand will add some cost. Second, higher prices may also be due to specific high-end features, such as Bluetooth connectivity or statistical profiles. These features may be unnecessary or not worth the price. You can decide whether or not you need these functions according to the situation in your laboratory. Third, capacity and readability also affect prices. Last but not least, even within the same product range, more accurate models tend to be more expensive. This means that we may need to spend more money on electronic precision balance and laboratory precision balance.



What Do You Want to Weigh?

The first step in choosing the right balance is to check what you are weighing and what it is used for, which will help you determine the capacity and readability of the scale you need and give you a better idea of whether you need a normal weight balance or a laboratory fine balance. So, before you buy a balance, ask yourself: what's the thing you weigh most often? How much does this thing weigh? In addition, you should also consider the size of the sample, as you need to make sure that the scale of the balance is large enough to hold it. In general, weighing larger items usually requires a larger capacity of the weighing plate. I believe that you will never forget that the beaker or container is a part of the total weight.


Maybe 300g/0.001g professional lab digital balance scale is very attractive. But the more accurate the balance is, the greater the influence of vibration, static electricity or air flow on the balance. If your laboratory is not a balance accuracy 0.0001g digital laboratory, buying a balance with too high precision will only make it more difficult for you to use the balance yourself.



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What Characteristics and Functions of Laboratory Balance are Important?

First of all, a highly visible display is one of the indispensable functions of the laboratory. During the experiment, you will spend a lot of time viewing the experimental data and recording the experimental results. High precision balance brings you the right data, and the highly visible display is to let you view the results as quickly as possible. Even if the balance is connected to a computer and the results are automatically transmitted, it is important to see the results clearly. If you are using touch screen lab analytical balance, make sure you wear latex gloves during touch.


In addition, the structure of the balance is also important. If you weigh certain chemicals, you may need to use a balance made of non-corrosive metals to reduce the error of the experimental results. The balance is equipped with a leakproof enclosure, which is very useful in busy laboratories where liquid is often weighed.



As a good helper in the laboratory, we should remember to clean and maintain the balance when we are not using it, so as to prepare for our next experiment.


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