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Is it True that Acupuncture Does Help Lose Weight?

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For people who lose weight, they have to look at the numbers on the electronic precision scale every day and get lost in thought. Let's be real: Some people will try pretty much anything when it comes to weight loss. From classic methods like cutting calories and increasing exercise to less conventional practices like cyrotherapy and hypnotism, there are endless weight-loss techniques (okay, lots of them are fads!) out there. Another one that folks who are into alternative methods talk about “a lot”? Acupuncture for weight loss.


Fans and practitioners of acupuncture claim the practice can help alleviate stress, physical pain, allergies, and even PMS—but can it really aid weight loss, too? Keep reading to find out whether or not acupuncture can help you shed pounds, according to experts.


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Can acupuncture really help you lose weight?

Here's what we know: There's not much evidence that plain old acupuncture will directly help you lose weight. Acupuncture isn't magic. It doesn't make fat melt off of your body. It seems ridiculous that just a little needle can make a miracle on your balance digital scale.


It is being said that acupuncture may help reduce stress and increase feelings of happiness, which may indirectly help a person more effectively pursue weight-loss goals. Many people are dominated by the number on the smart electronic balance, which will produce a sense of anxiety every day, which is not conducive to the success of weight loss. There are also some studies out there that suggest it's possible for acupuncture of the ear (a.k.a. auricular acupuncture) to help people achieve weight loss. Auricular acupuncture is used to help reduce people's cravings. Ultimately, there just isn't enough conclusive scientific evidence to say either way at this point—but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try acupuncture while you lose weight if it interests you.



How exactly would acupuncture work for weight loss anyway?

Acupuncture may stimulate the release of certain chemicals in the body like serotonin and endorphins, otherwise known as those "feel-good" hormones we need to live a normal, happy life.


So if you're looking to feel a little better in general, acupuncture may have some potential benefits. When you lose weight, you may need a electronic weighing balance, which not only helps you record your weight changes, but also has other functions. For example, seeing the number on your digital electronic balance scale drop every day can give you a positive feeling of encouragement. As a result of those mood perks, it's plausible that you may be able to more effectively go after your weight-loss goals if you are in a positive headspace. But that indirect acupuncture-weight loss connection is only a theory; it's not proven.



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Would you need to pair acupuncture with a nutritious diet and exercise to see weight-loss benefits?

We did an experiment in which participants received acupuncture for two consecutive weeks, and the rest remained normal. After two weeks, we could not see any significant weight change through a digital precision weighing electronic balance. Acupuncture alone isn't going to be the reason you experience a change in weight. There were participants in the few studies available paired their acupuncture treatments with lifestyle changes like exercising more and eating a well-rounded, healthy diet. For example,you may need an electronic balancer to weigh food to control your diet.


Basically, the impact that acupuncture can have on your weight-loss goals goes beyond the actual treatment itself. If you're making a commitment to receiving acupuncture treatment, then you may subconsciously eat less, sleep better, or feel more chilled out overall as a result, he points out. Combined with these, maybe we can see that the number on the small accurate electronic balance has changed, that is to say, we have achieved the effect of weight loss.


These are all habits that would, in turn, help a person lose weight, which demonstrates that acupuncture could play a more secondary role in weight loss rather than be the main driving factor. So while it may not be the magic treatment you were searching for, if you're looking for more ways to add weight-shedding practices to your routine, that's still a major plus.



How many acupuncture sessions would you need to do for weight-loss benefits?

For people who need to lose weight and stare at their electronic balance scale, The higher the electronic scale accuracy is, the more trouble and entanglement it may bring. If you're wondering if one session is enough to see impressive weight-loss results, hold up. Think of it this way: You wouldn't see results from going to the gym one time either.


Some people have an amazing propensity to react to the treatments and others don't. A lot of it is physical and a lot of it is psycho-emotional. How much do you buy into it emotionally? You've got to be behind it 100 percent. Gradually, it's a pleasure to see the number on your portable electronic balance drop.


If you're trying to make a change, you're going to have to incorporate acupuncture and other lifestyle changes on a regular basis in order to see results that last for the long term.

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