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Sales Department - Domestic

Wenhui Ye 
Domestic Sales Manager

Xuebin Chen 
Domestic Salesman

Jianmin Qi 
Domestic Salesman

Xiangwen Zheng 
Domestic Salesman
Sales Department - Export

Gary Lan
International Sales Manager

 Spring Zheng
International Sales

Annie Ye
International Sales

 Sofia Chen 
International Sales
Purchasing Department

Mingzhu Shen 
Purchasing Manager

Ye Liu 
Purchasing Assistant
Engineering Department

Dong Lin 
Engineering Manager,Software Engineer,Hardware Engineer

Qifo Zeng 
Engineering Deputy Manager, Hardware Engineer

Jinyuan Zhang 
Engineering Consultant, Quality Engineer

Kan Chen 
Software Engineer

Liping Wu 
Software Engineer

Xiaobo Liu 
Hardware Engineer

Lin Quan 
Hardware Engineer

Maozhen Li 
Structural Design Engineer

Yuefang You 
Structural Design Engineer

Jiazheng Lin 
Graphic designer
Production Department

Kede Ye 
Production Manager

Rongying Sun 
Production Deputy Manager

Biyu Ye 
Production Assistant

Xingjun Yang 
Injection Molding Machinist,Injection workshop supervisor

Shuhang Lan 
Injection Molding Machinist

Honghua Xie 
production line 1# supervisor

Zengqiang Lin 
production line 2# supervisor

Qiang Chen 
production line 3# supervisor

Xiaohui Lin 
production line 4# supervisor

Xiaomei Lei 
production line 5# supervisor
Quality Control Department

Yuanyuan Chen 
QC Manager,out-going QC

Renxue Lin 
QC Assistant,incoming QC

Jinyuan Zhang
QE(Engineering Consultant, Quality Engineer)

Yinyin Zhang 
PQC(process QC)

Juan Liu
PQC(process QC)

Zhengling Xiong
PQC(process QC)

Weijuan Wu
PQC(process QC)

Mingjuan Chen
PQC(process QC)

Qiming Wu
PQC(process QC)

Xiangzhi Wang
PQC(process QC)

Qingyan Zhou 
PQC(process QC)
Warehouse Department

Ningsheng Chen 
Warehouse Supervisor

Yushuang Cai 
Warehouse Keeper

Yongyuan Lin 
Warehouse Keeper
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