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FURI Quality Control System

(in-coming QC)
(in process QC)
(process QC)
(out-going QC)
(quality engineer)
Number of Inspector(s) 1 1 8 2 1
Inspector Inspector Inspectors Inspectors Engineer
Object Raw materials Products in production Products in production Finished products Finished products

Yuanyuan Chen 
(QC Manager,in process QC&outgoing QC)

RenXue Lin 
(QC Assistant,incoming QC&outgoing QC)

Jinyuan Zhang
QE(Engineering Consultant, Quality Engineer)

Yinyin Zhang 
PQC(process QC)

Juan Liu
PQC(process QC)

Zhengling Xiong
PQC(process QC)

Weijuan Wu
PQC(process QC)

Mingjuan Chen
PQC(process QC)

Qiming Wu
PQC(process QC)

Xiangzhi Wang
PQC(process QC)

Qingyan Zhou 
PQC(process QC)

Step(s) of Quality Control Management

Steps QC department How we control
Step1 IQC Control Quality from very beginning - IQC will sampling Inspect components
that supplied by our supplier, return the whole batch to supplier if IQC signed rejected.
Step2 IPQC,PQC Check quality 100% to make sure every products are good - 
IPQC will fully inspect the first product of each batch to make sure the software and requirements are correct according to customer’s requirements. 
PQC will 100% inspect products in the production line to make sure every products are good.

 IPQC will periodically and randomly pick semi-finished goods in the production line. Check and guide PQC’s work to ensure they are operating correctly.
Step3 OQC Double check quality by sampling inspect - 
OQC will sampling inspect finished products to control quality again. Detailed regulations and procedures are shown as below.
Step4 QE Improvements settle to avoid similar problems happen again in the future - 
Quality Engineer will provide suggestions and schemes based on the problems found by the above QC. And QE will also host a meeting to discuss with relevant colleagues and figure out a way to solve problems and defects that were found.

Standard(s) of Out-going Quality Control Management

No Document(s) Description
All the finished products will be inspected by OQC comply with the following procedures and regulations.
The sampling regulation we use is S-4 and AQL=1.5
1 1
attachment 1
General specification for electronic measuring instruments.
(GB/T6587-2012) See attachment 1
2 2
attachment 2

attachment 2

1) Special Inspection Level S-4

2) AQL=1.5
(Acceptable Quality Level) 

See attachment 2
1                                                                                                                     1
download attachment 3  
   See attachment 3
If the result of out-going inspection is rejected, we will 100% rework all finished products. After all the reworks done,
OQC will re-inspect goods by the following regulation.
attachment 4 
attachment  5
1)Special Inspection Level S-4
(Acceptable Quality Level) 
See attachment 4 and 5
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