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Why do digital scales show different readings?

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Whether you want to gain weight or lose weight, or even increase your muscle mass, a weighing scale is an indispensable tool in your fitness journey. In order to accurately track your fitness progress, you definitely want a more accurate and trustworthy digital mass scale. Maybe you already have the latest digital scale, but you want to know why the digital scale shows different readings? What should you pay attention to when using it?



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What is a digital scale?


Electronic weight scale is an electronic machine that can measure your body data, such as your BMI, ratio of fat or muscle, and water mass. In the past, people generally used analog scale to check and monitor the weight, but with the advancement of science and technology, people are more inclined to use power digital scale, because digital scale is easy to use and has other functions, such as Bluetooth connection and supporting fitness application, all of which look great, but an important argument is the accuracy of digital scale.



73-wifi digital scale

Why do digital scales show different readings?


Although digital kg scales have many other functions, the most important thing is to provide accurate measurement for people. Like other electronic devices and instruments, digital scales should be treated carefully to keep them in good condition. Here are some factors that may affect the performance of scales:


1. Unstable power source or low battery. This is the most common reason for digital malfunction. When there is a problem with the power supply, the power adapter is defective or the battery is very low, your best bluetooth digital scale will give an inaccurate reading, so you should check the battery first when there is a problem with your scale.


2. Wet environment. All electronic devices will be adversely affected in a humid environment. If you put your electronic personal scale in the bathroom, make sure it can be placed in a place where no water will accumulate. If you want to weigh yourself after taking a shower, you should dry your feet before stepping on the platform of the scale, so as to avoid the impact of water on the scale.


3. Careless use. Digital scale is composed of many sensitive parts, and any unsuitable use may lead to failure. If you have children at home, you should make sure that the children no longer jump around on the surface of sensitive digital scale and store it correctly after each use.


4. Extreme temperature. Generally speaking, digital scales should work at room temperature, so you should store it at room temperature. Extreme cold temperature will cause moisture inside the equipment, which will eventually lead to equipment failure. Some machine use electronic scales are designed to work at lower temperatures, so you should also make sure whether your scales are of this type.


5. Overloading. If you often measure overweight objects on the digital electronic balance scale, your scale is easy to be damaged, so you should know the maximum capacity of your scale to prevent overloading, and don't weigh two people at the same time, so as not to exceed the capacity of the equipment.


6. Influence of electromagnetic fields. In daily life, the use of microwave ovens, mobile phones and other electronic devices will cause electromagnetic interference to your wifi digital scale. The use of these electronic devices will affect the delicate parts of your scale, and static electricity will have a similar impact on your scale, so you should keep the scale at a certain distance from other electronic devices to prevent interference.

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