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Do You Know About Parcel Scales?

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Parcel scales can calculate the total weight of products or items to be transported, which is used in post offices and offices across the country to calculate the cost of sending various packages. One of their advantages is that they can quickly determine the postage required for the package to be mailed. According to the region and currency used, the digital model can set various rates. Some scales in the post office come with easy-to-read screens and receipt printers to save time for the person sending the package, which can be used for personal use or at the main counter. So instead of waiting in line, users can weigh their packages and pay the specified amount, and then stick the resulting label on their box.



87-2 parcel weighing scale

The Function of Parcel Scales

Admittedly, new electronic weighing parcel scales or electronic parcel scales will be more expensive. But in the long run, this is really worth your cost. On the one hand, they have a longer service life. On the other hand, they are unlikely to require consistent calibration. Newer models have added related technologies and functions that can improve the weighing experience, such as data collection and label printing.


Since parcel scales are designed for transportation, they should have a platform large enough to safely store the size of the parcel that the company normally transports. Since some packages will be very large, the scale should also have easy-to-read readings. Digital parcel scales and automated parcel scales are ideal weighing options.


In addition to mail, parcel weighing scales can technically be used in many other applications, including warehouses and scientific laboratories, but are extremely effective in their intended purpose. To be sure, they are indispensable equipment for sales, logistics, and purchasing departments. As a result, the reliability of the scale ultimately affected all aspects of the company.



87-1 digital parcel scale

The History of Parcel Scales

One of the first companies that produced reliable scales for transportation and mailing was a manufacturing company that began in 1830. Since then, scales have continued to evolve in terms of accuracy and functionality. The ability to count individual parts and finished products and connect to a computer to store the data allows the company to better track its work in progress and items ready for shipment. Recently, certain scales allow data to be sent to the cloud. Users can use this data anywhere as long as they use the correct password and authority.


Many industries use these scales to calculate their transportation costs, such as airlines and freight liners. There are three factors that affect whether you have a reliable scale: the manufacturing method used to make the scale, the quality, and the durability of the internal components will vary.


The parcel scale used in the mailroom should be easy to set up and operate, which reduces the learning curve for new and old employees. In addition, users should calibrate them correctly according to the metric or imperial standard system, depending on which system your company uses.


Since the postal rate depends largely on weight, it is necessary to determine the postage by measuring the total weight of each package. Customers want to pay a fair price for the packages they send, and the postal service needs to determine a fixed amount. Electronic weighing parcel scales and blue-tooth parcel scales provide a way to determine prices.


Size is also important. Packages with irregular dimensions usually have a higher postage rate than standard square or rectangular shipping containers. The reason is that they need to be more carefully stored and stacked during transportation to avoid damage to the internal goods.



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