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How to Choose the Best Scale for E-Commerce Shipping?

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In the shipping industry, weight is usually the decisive factor in cost. Generally, the heavier the packaging, the higher the cost of transportation. Therefore, if you do not want to charge too much for the items you transport, you must measure the weight of the package accurately. To make matters worse, the carrier will reject your package for incorrect weight readings. For these reasons, postal scales are a basic tool for any individual or business that delivers goods every day.



95-1 electronic shipping scale

Why Choose USB Postal Transportation Scales?

Although many types of electronic scales can be purchased, the best electronic scale for e-commerce transportation is the USB digital postal electronic scale. After accurate calibration, especially for parcels and package transportation, USB digital postal scales have more advantages than other scales in e-commerce transportation.


USB connectivity allows you to directly connect to related or customized programs and software when weighing packages, eliminating the need for additional steps of reading the weight from the scale and entering the computer. Therefore, users can obtain weight measurements faster, easier, and more accurately by the USB industrial shipping scale and USB electronic shipping scale.


Instead of manually entering the package weight, ship-station USB scales can help you avoid mistakes. The accurate postal scale is connected via a computer's USB, and the transportation solution polls the scale 5-10 times per second. At the same time, it can also update the order weight based on the weight of the scale.


The USB digital postal scale is dedicated, so it usually has a fairly wide flat surface for parcel placement and more accurate reading. USB digital postal scales usually measure packages in ounces and pounds to account for smaller incremental weight changes based on rate-based shipping services.



95-2 accurate postal scale

Evaluate the USB Digital Postal Scale to buy

Generally, the price of an electronic postal scale increases with the weight threshold it supports, so the average and maximum package weight should be considered when evaluating scale options. For USB digital postal scales, please consider the following evaluation criteria.


Order Volume

If you weigh less than 500 orders per month, a shipping scale for sale is a good choice. Otherwise, industrial scales are a better investment.


Units of Measurement

The minimum scale should be in ounces and pounds. The smallest unit will ensure that you will not overpay the postage due to the scale of the package weight.



The user needs to ensure that the scale runs on the A/C adapter. Some smaller scales use battery power, which will increase unnecessary costs and cause long-term troubles.


Brand Reputation

Considering the importance of weight to postage costs, it is worth investing in a reputable brand, or narrowing the selection to only customers with positive reviews. Once the scale is not accurate enough, even an ounce can cost hundreds of dollars a month.



Using a USB digital postal scale is very simple. Open it and place the package to be weighed on the top of the scale, and then use the USB connection with the computer software to read and automatically input the weight of the package.

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