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How Do You Buy A Package Shipping Scale?

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Are you planning to ship gifts internationally this holiday season? You should know that USPS weight limits vary by mail class and destination country. To ensure that your holiday package can be mailed, you can determine the weight of international packages or letters according to the mail category and destination. When you plan to post international packages, we recommend you to use online postage. One of the best features of online postage is that you can print it out in the comfort of your home or office. If you want to send a package, you need to know the weight of the package first. Purchasing the correct postal scale or mail scale can make your packaging and transportation tasks faster.



93-2 industrial shipping scale

Analyze Your Transportation Needs Before Buying Scales

Before buying a scale, be sure to evaluate your transportation needs. If you send less than 600 packages per month, then the consumer scale provided by Furi Scale will be very suitable for your needs. We also provide a wireless shipping scale and shipping scale printer. We also offer a 25-pound scale, which has function keys and includes an LCD display.


If you ship more than 600 items per month, you need to purchase an industrial shipping scale and a large postal scale. These sturdy steel scales have readings that provide accurate packaging information. Industrial scales with digital readings are easy to move, but if inexpensive mechanical scales are moved regularly, they will quickly become uncalibrated.


For transportation scales, it is worth considering in advance. If you expect your business to ship heavier items in the future, please invest in a large shipping scale or heavy-duty shipping scale that can weigh larger items. Even if you do not use this function immediately, you need to prepare to weigh the first heavy package.



93-1 commercial shipping scale

Characteristics of Transport Scales: Small Details are Important

Your scale’s features are very important. The scale should be able to measure in kilograms, ounces, and pounds to ensure that you don’t overpay for postage. Pay attention to the power supply of the scale, as many smaller digital scales can only run on batteries. However, some scales can use A/C adapters instead.


Choosing a brand-name scale is the safest choice. If you have never purchased a scale before, please research unfinished purchases online before submitting it. Non-brand scales do not always guarantee the ownership of brand-name scales. Furi Scale provides you with professional ship-station USB scales and commercial shipping scales.


If you use a weight scale to receive payments for weight-based goods or services, you need to make the weight scale certified under the National Type Evaluation Program. These scales must be checked regularly by the Bureau of Weights and Measures in your state.



A good scale is rarely discussed. If you buy a suitable scale and start using it, you do not need to review or regret your purchase. In addition, you also need to understand GlobalPost Economy International. GlobalPost Economy International is a cost-efficient international shipping service that offers tracking into the destination country for packages up to 4.4 lbs. or Flats/Large Envelopes up to 1 lb. The service includes up to $100 in coverage against loss or damage, plus shipping costs. Duties and taxes are paid by recipient (DDU).

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