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Do You Know How to Use the USPS Shipping Calculator?

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Before calculating the shipping cost, we need to use a home postage scale or accurate postal scales to calculate the weight of our package. Then we can use the USPS shipping calculator to know exactly how much shipping is charged to the customer, or include the appropriate shipping cost in your product price. This online tool is your step-by-step planning and shipping calculation.


The USPS Freight Calculator is an excellent tool that can easily enter different inputs such as destination, zip code, date, service level, and weight to compare prices and delivery times. It can be used with an industrial shipping scale or electronic shipping scale to eliminate any guesses about shipping rates and allows you to compare shipping options easily. Next, we will introduce how to use the USPS postage price calculator and parcel scale together.



92-1 accurate postal scale

Navigate to the "USPS Postage Price Calculator" page

After weighing your package using the digital shipping postal scale or the wireless shipping scale, navigate to this page, which allows you to calculate the shipping charges for domestic and international shipping. If your business mail is pre-sorted, you can use the USPS Business Price Calculator to find the shipping cost.



Enter the details of your letter or package

Select the destination of the letter or parcel from the drop-down menu, and then enter the postal code, postal date, and shipment content.



Select shipment type

After entering the shipment details, you need to determine how to deliver the shipment to the destination. The USPS shipping calculator allows you to choose flat rate options or shapes such as postcards, letters, large envelopes, parcels, or large packages.


If you choose a flat rate option, such as the Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box, the expected delivery date and retail and online postage will be displayed.


If you choose a shape like a letter, you will be asked to enter the weight of the letter. Click "Continue" to select the shape most similar to your particular letter. Next, the expected delivery date and retail price, and online postage will be displayed.



92-2 digital shipping postal scale

Compare shipping methods

At this point, you will see the pricing details for the selected shipment type. You can compare the prices of other shipping options by checking "Show all options" at the top of the page.



Add additional services

Here, you can choose to add other services, such as mailing certificates, insurance, registered mail, etc.



Click "Continue" to get the result

View the total shipping cost for the letter or package to the destination.



Pay the shipping cost and print the shipping cost

Navigate to the "USPS Click to Ship" page to pay the shipping cost and print the required shipping cost. With an automated parcel scale or blue-tooth parcel scale, you can also print labels directly.



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