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Do You Know Why Your Bathroom Scale Sucks?

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The idea of constantly weighing yourself and obsessing with your own weight is deeply rooted in our mindset. You may have spent most of your time on the bathroom scale at least once. Everything has to do with that number. One glorious day in the morning, you will jump on your weight scale, and it will tell you that you have lost a pound compared to the previous day. Then, happiness will last all day. Unfortunately, your weight may have gained five pounds the next day. This may sound incredible, but it did happen. Don't be depressed, and don't need to lose your passion for weight loss. Because large weight changes are most likely caused by your weight scale, such as an inaccurate bathroom scale and an incorrect weight scale.


99-2 human body weight machine

You might think that this weight gain comes down to water retention and digestion. Your muscles retain up to 5 pounds of water as they repair themselves. It may also be the two glasses of milk you drink more at night, which can easily translate into 1 pound of extra weight. Such thoughts can easily lead you to worry that your daily weight will jeopardize your efforts. In fact, it takes more than 3,500 calories to get a pound of fat. Therefore, if you want to gain 5 pounds, you need to consume more than 17,500 calories a day. Of course, you didn't eat that Big Mac burger all at once, did you?


Although you might think that at least you are weighing yourself day after day through the automatic height and weight machine or electronic baby scale, you can still identify trends in weight loss or gain. You are right, but there is something wrong.


99-1 weight scale

In the first few weeks of reducing calories, a lot of my weight loss came. It may be due to water loss. However, my physique hardly changed. A few weeks later, suddenly my physique changed the most. However, these things are not fully reflected in my weight measurement. Through the measurement of human body weight machine and weighing scale with body fat, my weight bounced like a yo-yo, which made me guess for the second time whether I have made any progress. That's because I gained a lot of muscle, but it turned out to be heavier than my body fat.


If you are doing weighted exercise, it can be painful to focus on a certain weight loss number. Of course, if you want to reduce fat a lot, digital body fat weighing scales and smart body weight scales are still good tools for measuring progress.


So what is a better way to measure your progress? Fat calipers, tape measures, DEXA scans, shape scans, and even bioimpedance measurements can all provide you with better images. No matter what scale you are talking about, if you lose inches and become slimmer, then you can make progress. Therefore, when what matters is whether you start to look better, don't get bored with your weighing scale with body fat analyzer or fashion natural texture bamboo body weighing scale.

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