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Do you Know How to Troubleshoot and Repair Digital Scales?

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Many people prefer digital bathroom scales to old-fashioned analog scales or pin scales. On the one hand, digital scales can improve the accuracy of readings. On the other hand, they can usually provide higher reading accuracy. It should be noted that user behavior and environmental conditions will affect the accuracy and performance of the scale. Fortunately, with a little attention and effort, it is possible to troubleshoot and even fix many of the most common problems.



77-2 old-fashioned analog scale

Reset and Test

If you find a problem with your digital weighing scale, such as abnormal reality or inaccurate degrees. The first step you should be to reset the weighing scale. You can adjust the weight display by looking for the knob, sliding, or other ways. Once you find the relevant setting, turn it until the scale reads zero.


If you do not find a switch that allows you to reset, your scale may have a special code to reset it to the factory state. For example, some models need to step on a specific corner twice or three times to clear all digital codes and return the scale to zero. You can check this information in the user manual of the scale or the official website.


After successfully setting the personal weighing scale to zero, we cannot step on it immediately to measure our weight. Instead, test the accuracy of the scale with an object of known weight. 10 pounds is the ideal measurement weight, which can immediately let you know whether the body weighing scale is accurately measuring and displaying the weight.



Make Sure Your Scale is on a Level Surface

If the method in the previous step does not achieve your desired results, please check and make sure that the scale is placed on a level surface.


You can use a small round object to quickly check, such as a ping pong ball or tennis ball. Place the ball on the scale. If the ball starts to roll, it may be that your floor is tilted. Once you find that your floor does not look level, try placing the balance on a flatter surface elsewhere in the house. If that doesn't work, please check the bottom of the scale visually. These are usually four rubber pads, located on each corner of the bottom side of the scale. Remove everything that might cause the scale to lose its balance.



77-1 weighing scale

Check the Battery

If resetting and revisiting do not solve the problem of digital scales, you can consider whether the battery has an error. Battery problems are usually the reason behind display and function problems of digital human weighing scales. We can carefully open the battery compartment and remove the battery. Then use a small clean paintbrush or cotton swab to clean the battery compartment to prevent dust or debris from affecting the battery connection. If it still does not solve the problem, try replacing the battery with a new one.



Check the LCD Panel

Loose connections may cause only partial readings on the LCD. You can first try to gently press the display area from the outside.


If the LCD weighing scale still does not work properly, please try to remove the bottom plate from the electronic scale and remove the battery from the battery box. If you can visually recognize the loose connection of the display area and can easily reach the area, try fixing it again.



Once you find that none of the above methods can help you repair the scale, then the scale is likely to be scrapped or there is an unsolvable problem. You may need to send it back to the manufacturer for a warranty.

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