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Does an online seller need a digital scale?

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Many beginner sellers do not have the proper postal scale when they start. On the one hand, if you overestimate the weight of the package, they may pay excessive postage. On the other hand, once you underestimate the weight of the package, you need to take the package to the post office for weighing to make up for the remaining postage.


81-1 kitchen scale

First of all, a good postage scale is not expensive and its weight limit is more suitable for you. Moreover, you may already have a good kitchen scale that can accurately weigh packages, but there is usually no high weight limit. Even if the kitchen scale is accurate enough, you will eventually have to upgrade to a scale that can weigh heavier items, such as up to 50 or even 100 pounds.


It should be noted that a good postal shipping scale must be accurate to one-tenth of an ounce in all ranges. Some cheap shipping scales label themselves as "postal scales," but they can only be accurate to a whole ounce when they weigh more than one or ten pounds. Due to the pricing method of postage, which is up to the nearest pound, such a "postal scale" is not our ideal choice. For example, the charge for a Priority Mail package weighing 10 ounces is the same as the charge for a 1.0-pound package. However, if the package weighs 1 pound and 0.1 ounces, it will be charged at a rate of up to 2 pounds. You can indeed use it most of the time, but the post office can and does return mail at a cost of one-tenth of an ounce of postage paid.


It can be seen that the electronic postal scale you want to buy needs to be able to weigh heavier packages and be able to weigh things to the nearest tenth of an ounce. At the same time, we recommend that you choose some shipping weight scales with other simple functions. One is a postal scale that can be operated with a battery or a power adapter, which not only allows you to move the scale flexibly and easily, but also does not consume a lot of batteries. Another great feature is that the display of the scale is not directly on the scale to prevent weighing some oversized boxes from blocking the display of the weighing results.


81-2 postage stamp scale

Now, maybe you are thinking this is going to cost an arm and a leg, and you are just beginning, worrying that you may not have much extra money to buy the best shipping scale. There is no need to worry too much, because the potential value it brings to you is far greater than its cost. You can get a nice scale on Amazon or eBay for $20 or less. But at the same time, you need to be cautious about buying products within the price range, because some models and features are not what you want. It will save the postage or gas cost of driving or going to the post office. Under normal circumstances, the most basic mechanical postal scale needs to have dual power supplies and remote display readings, and the weight limit can reach 110 pounds


We hope you can devote more energy to operation and management. Let the parcel weight machine and the postage stamp scale solve the problem of postage!

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