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Five signs to check if you need to replace your scale

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When a scale can be properly maintained and protected at work, the scale can be used for a long time, it can provide you with accurate measurement and resolution, the indicator can display certain weight readings again and again, and you can get reliability from your scale. However, how do you know whether your balance electronic scale is accurate or not, what should you pay attention to at ordinary times, and you can know whether your scale can work accurately from some signs. It should be noted that not all mechanical scales use springs, but all mechanical factories use mechanical parts. Therefore, digital metric scales differ not only in the way of displaying weight, but also in the way of measuring. Digital scales usually use analog-to-digital converters to convert read data into simple digital information.


Generally speaking, digital scales require higher precision and faster processing. If you want to know if your electronic platform weighing scale needs to be replaced, you can observe whether it meets the following signs:



69-balance electronic scale (2)

1. Scale readings are inconsistent:


Comparatively speaking, this is an obvious sign. When you notice that on a normal basis, the weight readings show different changes at the same weight. If you are not sure, take something and put it on the digital point scales several times to see if you get the same readings. If the readings are different, it may mean that there are some mechanical problems or load unit problems. Many quality digital scales have a calibration mechanism that may need to be reset, so they also need to be checked.



2. Inaccurate readings between different scales:


When you know the weight of a thing on an accurate and good best accurate digital scale, but when you measure the same object with another scale, you may find that the readings it weigh are inconsistent. The problem lies in the inaccurate scale of load units. According to the scales you have at present, you only need to calibrate them. In fact, you should do calibration once a year or even every few months. However, if you calibrate the scale and the reading is still inaccurate, one possibility is that one or more cells may be loaded by impact, and the other possibility is that the display of the digital scale thousandth has changed the weight because it has been overloaded.



69-balance electronic scale

3. Unstable readings:


If the weight reading of your scale is unstable, it may mean that there is an electronic fault in the digital indicator, which can also be called "drift", which means that the reading of objects on the counting scale electronic weighing scale will increase slightly, and low humidity will lead to static accumulation on the load sensor and weight controller, which is one of the most common reasons for drift. The static charge in the air will change with the change of humidity, and the input voltage of the weight controller will change very little, and static discharge will lead to the drift of weight reading.



4. Display readability:


When part of the display is burned or there is a power problem, it is difficult to see the proportional display readout, so you need to replace the battery or power cable of your electronic weight scale machine.



5. Some corrosive damages:


This problem can be seen in wet or other corrosive environments. If the moving parts or load sensors of the digital weight scale 100kg come into contact with various chemicals and water, the parts will start to degrade and fail, and the readings will be temporarily inaccurate in the extreme temperature environment. In order to better resist the harsh conditions, check whether the environment in which your scale is located is suitable.

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