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How Can We Weigh Someone in a Wheelchair?

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For hospital and nursing staff who need a little help, how to weigh people in wheelchairs is a difficult problem. When weighing patients who cannot stand, chair scales or wheelchair scales can be used.



88-1 wheelchair weight scale

Do you need a chair scale or a wheelchair scale?

Both chair scale and wheelchair scale can provide solutions, which depends on the preferences of you and your patient. The wheelchair scale enables patients to sit in a wheelchair that they feel comfortable with. It also saves time because there is no need to transfer the patient to the chair scale.


Another factor to consider before buying is whether the patient is weighing in a weight sensitive environment. The wheelchair scale has an indicator on the back, so only medical professionals can see it. For some people with unstable feet, chair scale is the simplest and safest weighing solution. Using a weight scale not only avoids the risk of falling, but also saves time, because it is not necessary to infer the weight of the wheelchair from the total weight reading.



Let the patient sit in a chair

The process of weighing patients in this way begins by having them sit in a chair. If the patient is lying on the bed, you need to push the chair closer to the bed. At the same time, brakes must be installed on the casters to ensure that the scale will not move. If the patient does not have enough strength to lift himself to a sitting position, place one hand under the patient’s leg and the other hand under the patient’s leg, and then slowly lift. Make sure to place the hinged armrest in an upright position to make it easier to transfer the patient from the bed to the chair.


To support the patient in standing, place the patient’s feet on the floor and slightly separate them to help maintain balance. Next, face the patient and place your hands on your shoulders to maintain stability. Make sure that the patient’s feet are shoulder-width apart and the knees are slightly bent. Place your arms on the patient's back and put your hands together.


To help them sit down, slowly bend their knees, and then lower the patient onto the chair. When the patient gradually lowers, make sure that the patient puts his hands on the armrest of the chair.



88-2 wheelchair weight scale

Weighing the Patient - Using a Wheelchair Scale

If you are using a wheelchair weight scale or electronic wheelchair scale and want to accurately calculate your weight and BMI, you need to remove the weight of the wheelchair from the total weight reading.


First, you need to push the empty wheelchair onto the scale and then press the tare button. Then, when you remove the wheelchair from the scale, the indicator will show a negative reading. Next, roll the wheelchair and the patient onto the scale to display only the patient's weight.


Alternatively, you can use the numeric keypad to subtract the weight of the wheelchair. First, turn on the scale and wait for zero to be displayed. Press the leather button, use the numeric keypad, and enter the weight of the wheelchair, then press the Hold button. A negative reading will now be displayed and you are ready to weigh the patient.



Weighing the Patient - Using a Chair Scale

When using the chair weighing scale or electronic chair weighing scale to measure the weight of the patient, make sure that the patient’s feet are placed on the adjustable footstool and the arms are placed on the armrests to obtain accurate readings.


Once the patient sits on the wheel chair with weighing scale or chair weight scale, their weight will be displayed on the indicator located behind the chair scale.



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