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How Do I Know If My Weighing Scale is Accurate?

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People who are losing weight cannot do without scales. In terms of weight measurement, accurate body weight scales are essential to track your weight loss. If you want to distribute food in every meal properly, food scales can help you measure the recipe and portion size of the food. The accuracy of the digital baby scale determines whether we can accurately understand our weight loss status. Please follow some simple steps to check the accuracy of the scale.



74-1 digital milligram scale

Zero Out the Scale

Sometimes the weight balance machine needs to be zeroed to be accurate. Generally, we can complete the zeroing operation in two ways, depending on your scale. If you have an analog scale, press down on the scale with your hand, and then lift it. At this time, the dial should be leveled to zero. If you find that the scale is not reset to zero, use the wheel usually located at the bottom of the scale or near the dial to move the dial of the scale to zero when the dial is stationary. Then we need to test the electronic personal scale again to make sure it is in the correct position.


If you are using a digital scale, follow the same steps as an analog scale. Different from analog scales, digital milligram scales are balanced through digital buttons.



Weigh a Familiar Object

One way to check the accuracy of a bathroom scale is to test an object whose weight you already know. It not only needs to be large enough to be registered on your body fat percentage weight scale, but also small enough to be carried on the scale. We recommend that you try a new unopened bag of flour or sugar, which is usually 5 to 10 pounds, and should maintain a consistent weight.


The outer wrapping paper of flour or sugar bags should not participate in the weighing result. If the flour or sugar is packed in a heavy sack or metal container, you will not get an accurate reading and you should try other objects.



Reweigh an Object Multiple-Times

The second way to test the accuracy of the electronic balance scale is to weigh it multiple times. Let's take flour bags or sugar bags as examples. First, we put it on the scale and pay attention to the weight. Then we remove the object and return the scale to zero. In the next step, we place the object on the scale and pay attention to the weight again. We need to repeat this process at least five times to determine whether the weighing result of the smart body weight scale is consistent across multiple weighing processes. If you get inconsistent results, you can weigh the object more times. As long as you make sure that the number of executions is an odd number of times, there will be no split results.



74-2 electronic balance scale

Weigh Two Objects Together

Another way to ensure that the scale is accurate is to check the weight of two objects together. Usually, this will give you more pounds, which will help test the scale at a higher level. In addition, it will also test the accuracy of the scale in the case of uneven weight distribution, which is very helpful for you to weigh yourself. Because sometimes you may not be able to maintain a 100% balance in your body.


First, we need to measure the weight of two objects separately and record these two values. Then, we put the two objects together on the scale and pay attention to the total weight. Finally, we add the first two values and compare them with the total weight of the last time to observe whether the two values are equal.


If they match, the scale of the scale is accurate. If it doesn't, try it again and see if it is off by the same number. If it is, it might be that your scale is always off by that amount.



Remember that many scales have maximum weights. Before testing the scale, you'd better check the specifications on the scale or check the specifications online to determine whether the scale exceeds a certain weight.

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