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How to Read the Gram Scale?

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There are three kinds of scales for gram weight machine. Since the pyramids were built in ancient Egypt, triple beam scales have been used, with the weight accurate to one tenth of a gram. The most common scale is a battery powered electronic weighing balance, usually in whole grams. Mechanical scales weigh in grams and kilograms, just like the old bathroom floor scale. The equivalent of a pound of material or object requires 522 grams.



51.weighing instruments

Digital scale

First, put the object or object on the platform of the electronic balance. Observe the display in digital proportion. The number may swing between the two numbers for a few seconds until the exact weight is displayed. Read the digital balance scale display from the whole gram to the tenth gram. For example, 2.03 reading on the display indicates 2 grams plus 3 / 10 grams.


The general electronic weigh scale display has a stable mark, when the indicator light on the stable mark is the final reading. Sometimes the number changes between two numbers, which means that the weight of things is at the critical value of the two digits. The simple way is to wait for the number to stabilize, and the constant number is the final reading.


In order to ensure accuracy of the accurate digital scale, it is better to test whether the electric quantity is sufficient before using the electronic scale. If the battery is low, the pointer may not indicate the weight accurately and quickly. The common problem of mechanical weight scale is that the pointer will deviate, which needs to be adjusted frequently to ensure the accuracy of the pointer. It is better to pay attention to the adjustment before use. That's why we always recommend that you set the scale to zero before weighing and make sure that it weighs smoothly.



51.mechanical weight scale

Mechanical scale

Similarly, first we need to put the object on the platform of the mechanical weighing machine. Read the mechanical scale by observing the pointer on the dial indicating the weight of the object. Usually, a dial in grams also has a kilogram at the top and a kilogram at the bottom, and vice versa. Observe the position of the pointer and read the kilogram first. Then add the gram to the right of the kilogram mark for the final reading. The dial on the industrial mechanical scales moves to the left as the weight increases. For example, if the pointer is between the 2 and 3 kg mark and stays on the 20 g mark, the total weight is 2 kg and 20 g.



Triple beam balance

Triple beam balances are also weighing instruments. Place the object on a triple scale and measure the weight in grams. We need to observe the position of the triple metal riders on the top, middle and bottom beams to calculate the weight. By adding the top, middle, and bottom measurements, the measurement is read with a triple beam scale in grams. The top unit of measurement is 100 seconds, the middle unit of measurement is 10 seconds, and the bottom unit of measurement is one tenth. For example, if the top beam reads 200, the middle beam reads 10, and the bottom beam reads 3, the total reading for the object is 210.3 grams.

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