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Is smart scale reliable?

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Some people like to track and quantify everything they do. They will measure what they eat and record the calories and nutrients they eat with a smart weight scale and send the information to the app. They will also measure the heartbeat and activity with a body monitor because they want to know all kinds of indicators of the body, not just the weight. Maybe you are also this type of person. You are very eager to know how accurate the measuring equipment you use is actually.



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First, the truth of the smart scales


Most smart electronic weighing scales use a light current, which can estimate your body composition through your body, which means that you should use it barefoot and don't carry anything that can affect the measurement data. This smart weight electronic scale is safe for most people, but we also need to know that you should not use it when you are pregnant or wearing a pacemaker. Although I didn't see any news of death or abortion due to these reasons, we should try our best to ensure safety just in case. The measurement result of the smart digital weighing scale is only an estimate, which is not perfect. However, for ordinary people who don't have health and exercise experts, it is a very good method to use the smart scale to continuously detect our physical information.



Second, some findings based on experience


Generally speaking, if you use it according to the instructions, the measurement of smart body weight scale is quite accurate, and the measurement of weight is accurate if it is within 6 ounces. Unlike the normal scale, the smart scale will synchronize the measurement results to the corresponding application, so that you can track your weight data more easily over time. This is enough for many people, but there are always some people who pursue the ultimate and are eager to get more.


Some smart electronic weighing scales will be affected by the hydrate status at a specific time. For example, if you weigh your body fat percentage as 20, and then exercise for 90 minutes, when you weigh again, it will show that the body fat percentage becomes 18. Which is obvious that smart brifit digital scales cannot clearly distinguish fat from water, but there is no need to be too harsh on these.



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Finally, smart scales offer more complex measurement


For example, a 30-year-old person suffers from osteoporosis. After many X-ray and doctor's visits, it shows that this person has osteoporosis in the lumbar spine and buttocks. In this case, this person's bone measurement should be very low. However, the display of the smart electronic weighing platform scale may make this person's bone mass look good. Although it is uncertain what causes the inaccurate reading of the smart scale, it shows that the smart scale cannot be completely trusted. This inaccurate measurement will lead to the ambiguity of calcium intake and bone strengthening activities, which may cause greater harm to the body. However, the smart electronic counting scale is accurate in estimating the whole, which can provide people with basic information and help people know how to improve the whole body. This is the most important thing, so we should know that when you buy a smart usb digital scale, you should not think that all the values reported by it are correct. Its report is only a rough estimate and can only be used as a simple reminder. Don't let it become your final medical opinion on various diagnoses.

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