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Some things we need to know about digital bathroom scales

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In terms of nutrition and health, weight is a very important index, and a big digital scale is a very important tool, but unfortunately most people don't care about weight. Although many young people pay attention to weight, it is mainly for the sake of "beauty" rather than health, and they often go into the health misunderstanding of taking thinness as beauty. Weight is of great value in managing one's own health. So the bath room electronic scale is very important. The following is some important facts about bathroom scales:



72-accurate electronic scale (2)

You need to calibrate the digital scales every time you move it.


The internal parts of the initialized scale will find the correct weight of zero and keep accurate readings. If you do not calibrate it after the digital personal scale is moved, you will see that your weight readings fluctuate, and moving any digital scale will affect the accuracy and reliability. In addition, after some smart models are placed on the ground, their LCD lights will light up and display the weight of the model platform. At this time, you should turn off the scale before weighing on the station. Next, some methods for calibrating electronic bathroom scales will be provided:


1. Place the scale on a hard flat surface.


2. Step on the platform of the scale with one foot, so that the number appears on the display. When you see the zero or dash, move your foot away.


3. Wait for the electronic bathroom scales to close again.


4. Your scale is now calibrated, and you can stand on the scale for weight reading.



Smart scales provide maximum accuracy but do not display correct readings on carpets.


Felt, vinyl and other soft carpets will cause some slight changes in weight, which depends on softness. There are high-precision sensors at four corners of smart electronic bathrooom scales. Experts suggest that the scale should be placed on a hard and flat ground, preferably ceramic or ceramic tile, hardwood or concrete surface.



72-accurate electronic scale

In order to get the most accurate measurement reading, remember to keep still on the scale for three seconds.


When you stand on the scale, if you keep moving, it will lead to inaccurate readings, so when you stand on the electronic mass scale, don't move until your weight readings are locked and displayed on the screen.



The small change of weight reading should be treated correctly.


Some people are sensitive to any fluctuation of body weight readings in their digital crane weighing scales. In fact, the fluctuation of body weight is mainly caused by the absorption of water. Your body's ability to conserve water has a great influence on your current weight. So your weight may change many times a day. Your body's ability to store water is affected by many factors, such as the sodium content in your diet or your hydration level. Women' s water storage will also change during menstruation due to hormonal changes. Therefore, there is no need to struggle with the slight fluctuation of weight in your touch screen electronic scale. All you have to do is master the general weight situation and pay attention to the change pattern in a long time. If you want to reduce the fluctuation that you noticed, you can take weight measurement as the first thing when you are on an empty stomach in the morning. Similarly, it is best not to wear clothes when you stand on the accurate electronic scale, so as to reduce the fluctuation caused by the weight of clothes.

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