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What Do You Know About Hanging Scales?

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Hanging scales are also called hanging scales, whose working principle is different from ordinary scales. We use hooks to hang the load, instead of placing the load on the weighing pan or platform. At the same time, the hanging weight scale itself can be hung on machinery, hooks and other equipment. Depending on the capacity, on the one hand, the user can put the hanging scale on the mechanical hanging to lift heavy objects. On the other hand, users can simply hold a simple spring hanging scale in their hands to measure fish.



91-1 hanging measuring scales

Type of Hanging Scales

The digital hanging scale and blue-tooth hanging weighing scale have some advantages, such as bright, highly visible displays. Examples of remote use of digital hanging scales to improve safety are not uncommon, so scales that can see results from a distance are very helpful and help prevent errors in recording results. Digital hanging scales can also work faster, thereby increasing efficiency. Hanging scales can also lift heavier weights, so they are commonly used in industrial environments.



What is the Purpose of Hanging Scales?

There are many different applications for hanging scales. Industrial departments usually use a heavy-duty hanging scale or electronic hanging scale to weigh very heavy loads. Because despite the compact frame, they can still withstand harsh conditions, which makes transportation easy. The strong safety hook ensures the load is fixed and helps prevent accidents. Although platform scales or large-capacity floor scales take up a lot of space, hanging scales can be stored in relatively small boxes when not in use.



91-2 hanging dial scale

Common Features of Hanging Scales

One of the most useful functions on hanging measuring scales is remote control operation. Users can use hanging scales from a distance, so they can weigh very heavy and heavy goods from a safe distance. The equipped remote control can realize a safe, hands-free operation.


The sturdy housing ensures that the hanging dial scale can withstand harsh environments, such as ports, airports, factories, postal facilities, etc. Nevertheless, scales should be treated with caution. Users try not to fall or hit the scale when using it.


Long battery life is very helpful, especially when weighing hay or livestock. Because power may not be available immediately at this time. Sometimes zoos or nature reserves use hanging spring weighing scales or livestock hanging scales to weigh heavy animals such as deer or bears.



Safe Use of Hanging Scales

It is important to track the capacity of the scale. Hanging scales can be rugged and designed for heavy weighing. But for users, maintaining safety and the ability to never exceed the scale is still essential. Other useful tips include ensuring that the loop used to secure the hanging scale is compatible with the tool you are using (for example, ensuring that the hook of the hook is not too big to scratch the connection point) and calibrating frequently.



These are not all the functions and applications of hanging scales, but some functions that should be considered when buying hanging scales for industrial applications.

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