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What is the Benefit of Postal Scales?

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If you are like most business owners, improving employee productivity and reducing costs are your top priorities. Do you remember the last time you paid attention to monthly postal expenses? Have you recently analyzed the time and wage costs of sending packages to the post office and waiting in line? Today, we recommend to you a more effective and cheaper way to meet your postal needs - a simple postal scale.



80-2 electronic scale

What is a Postal Scale?

Postal scale is a very sensitive scale, which is designed to weigh mail and parcels to determine the postage rate of items. Most large companies have digital shipping scales in their offices, which not only have the ability to simplify the transportation process, but also save thousands of dollars in additional postage costs. If you are interested in the idea of postal scales, please read first to understand the two types of postal scales and the benefits that postal scales can bring to your business.



Mechanical Postal Scale

Mechanical postal scales are the simplest and cheapest option. Like most traditional kitchen scales and bathroom scales, this analog scale uses a needle to physically indicate the weight of a mail or package. Although postal shipping scales are reasonably priced and very easy to use, they have some obvious disadvantages compared with digital scales. Mechanical scales use a set of springs to determine the weight of the package. On the one hand, if the spring is excessively deformed beyond its elastic limit, the function of the spring will fail. On the other hand, these springs will stretch over time, causing inaccurate scale readings. Therefore, you must measure the accuracy of the postage scale at least once a month. If the usage rate of mechanical postal scales is high, you will have to check and measure it once a week.


Another thing to consider is that mechanical postage scales only provide users with the weight of the package and cannot automatically calculate the postage for you. You can calculate the actual postage of the item by multiplying the weight by the price per ounce associated with the preferred shipping method.



80-1 digital postal scale

Electronic Postal Scale

Due to technology and equipment, digital postal scales may be much more expensive than mechanical scales. However, they provide all the benefits that mechanical postal scales do not. Electronic postal scales connected to the Internet use the current shipping information of the post office to calculate the exact price of the package.


Besides, if your digital scale is an all-in-one scale or connected to a postage meter, shipping labels can be printed out immediately. As a result, the travel to the post office and the associated one-hour waiting time cost are saved. Most importantly, your electronic scale usually allows you to compare the costs of different shipping methods. So, you can choose the most suitable transportation method with the least time and the cheapest price.


Compared with mechanical postal scales, digital scales can easily calibrate the accuracy of scales. Therefore, we do not need to worry about the problem of parts wear. Also, digital scales remain accurate for a longer period of time than mechanical scales, which means you don’t have to replace the equipment months after purchasing it.



The combined use of accurate postal scales and cheap shipping scales means that your employees do not need to go back and forth between the company and the post office or wait in line at the post office. You can weigh the packages yourself, create shipping labels, and let the local postman pick up the packages without leaving the office.

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