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What is the Right Scale for Catering Business?

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As we all know, efficiency and consistency are the key to a good catering company. The catering industry may be a busy industry. Whether it is used for wedding or fund-raising activities, it needs to be delicious, everyone should have enough food without wasting it, and everything needs to be cleaned up in time so that the venue can be closed or the next event can be carried out as planned.


The right food weight scale can optimize your kitchen, which is essential. Most professional chefs (especially those who have to prepare a lot of food) prefer to use scales to measure cups. Weighing ingredients is more accurate, and ensures that the formula is consistent even when scaled. If you cook for hundreds of people, food weighing scales are certainly better than cooking with cups.


Not only can it help to reduce food waste and thus save a lot of money and ingredients, using the digital kitchen food scale can help you create a fair portion to ensure that everyone gets the same amount of food. If your menu is well received by customers, you need to make sure you get the same quality experience every time.



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Considerations when purchasing catering scales

What we should know is that the number of catering service providers is not the same. Some businesses are suitable for small parties or office meetings, while others serve hundreds, if not thousands, of people for large banquets or weddings. There is no universal food electronic scale to meet everyone's needs. We need to consider the following points when buying food scales.



Scale capacity

You should know the capacity you need before you buy it. If you're going to hold a small event, you don't need to be able to get an electronic weigh scale 200kg. Instead, if you need to prepare food for hundreds of people, you need a scale that can measure large amounts of ingredients. An electronic weigh scale 5g to 40kg will be fine. Low capacity scales are usually easier to carry and move. If very large capacity scales are required and need to be transported, consider using scales with handles or wheels.




Even for the most experienced professionals, cooking can be a hassle, and it's important to keep the kitchen clean. A quick and easy to clean scale is necessary. Most catering and cooking scales will have at least one stainless steel food weighing scale. The sealed keyboard prevents spillage from affecting the scale operation and ensures that you can erase the keys. The mini portable scale is easier to clean and ensures more thorough cleaning.



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High visibility display

Digital kitchen scales with bright, visible displays are useful between busy schedules and changing conditions such as lighting or dust. Backlight ensures that the results are always visible.



Solid structure

You need to make sure that the balance is resistant enough to handle and use every day, and to resist all kinds of ingredients that may drip or spill. If you tend to place too much weight on the kitchen balance electronic, make sure that the scale can hold the excess weight.


Other features to consider include color coded keys for faster identification, automatic peeling or zeroing to speed up repeat weighing, rechargeable batteries and some transmission interfaces that can save you time and make your work easier.

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