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7 Different Types of Kitchen Scales(One)

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Kitchen scales are also called weighing scales or weight scales, which is one of the essential equipment in every modern kitchen. Most American kitchens include at least a measuring cup and a teaspoon, if there is no scale. Once you use the best kitchen weighing scale, you will realize the simplicity of the cooking process. Inevitably, what is the purpose of a kitchen scale? Anyone who does not believe in the necessity of kitchen scales must know that kitchen scales can read the total weight of ingredients more accurately than any other method. Moreover, helps to measure the weight of all food ingredients from chicken to meat to spices.



59-1 old-fashioned kitchen scale

Balance Scale

The balance may be one of the first scales to appear. Although they are an old-fashioned kitchen scale, many traditional kitchens use this traditional scale. The balance scale uses the most primitive measurement method - the balance scale helps to measure the weight of the object by comparing the weight of the object to be measured with an object of known mass, such as a weight. Although modern electronic scales have been developed more accurately, balances are still so popular. Because they are easy to use and can easily help you measure the quality of objects. In contrast, because balances cannot provide accurate mass measurements, they are relatively out of date. They only report whether the measured component is less than or greater than the known weight. For example, place a glass of water on one side of the balance, and then place a known weight on the other side. The weight needs to be added until the balance is equal. On the surface, balance means that the masses on both sides are equal. In practice, however, the calculated total mass may not be accurate. If you just want to know the approximate weight, a balance is available.



Mechanical Scale

Mechanical scales are called spring scales because of the way they work. When an object is placed on top of the installed platform, the mechanical kitchen scale uses a spring to measure the weight. In other words, when force is applied to the scale, the spring compresses in the correct proportion and gives the correct estimate.


However, it has a common problem with balances, that is, springs do not always provide accurate measurements. As we all know, springs have elastic limits. Once the force of the spring exceeds its elastic limit, it cannot be restored. The spring is likely to change on its own over time or fail to return to its original length, and sometimes even breaks. In addition, compared to larger scales, they may cause problems when reading a small amount of mass. For example, if the mechanical scale is designed to measure 10 pounds. Then it will be difficult to measure an ounce instead of a pound. This is because a small amount of movement creates a slight movement in the spring compared to the visible movement caused by a larger object, and this movement is difficult to see. Therefore, when weighing objects that are too light or too heavy, the measurement result of the spring balance is not ideal.



Electronic Scale

The digital kitchen scale is undoubtedly an innovative creation, widely used in every modern American kitchen. Compared with balance scales, digital food scales have an excellent ability to measure the weight of objects placed-more accurate. It is convenient to use when baking because it requires the use of precisely measured ingredients. This is why digital scales are so popular with bakers.


An electronic balance scale can not only provide high-precision weight, but also a well-functioning device that is easy to clean and store. When it is necessary to weigh a large fish, a large piece of meat, or long and heavy vegetables, the scale should also have a spacious weighing capacity. Therefore, it is important to look for features such as a spacious weighing platform and an effective backlit display to handle different weighing situations. In addition, the digital display should be wide enough and bright enough to read the measurement results.


Many models of multifunction digital kitchen scales make baking and cooking more convenient. Most of them also have a slim and dexterous shape, so they are easier to store in a kitchen cabinet. Admittedly, the stainless-steel weighing platform is always the ideal equipment, because the biggest feature of stainless steel is that it is easy to clean and will not rust.



59-2 cooking weighing scale

Large Capacity Scale

These scales can be mechanical or digital. As their name describes, what makes them unique is that they come with a large removable bowl. The bowl can also be changed to be larger or smaller as needed. Since they can be used with large bowls at first, they are ideally called large capacity scales. But what we need to pay attention to is that the surface of some large weighing platforms is fixed. Generally, digital large-capacity cooking weighing scales have permanent countertops.


Therefore, these cooking scales are most suitable for commercial kitchens in restaurants and industries rather than private home kitchens. Generally, smaller scales can only measure 5 pounds. This is not the case with large-capacity kitchen scales. Obviously, these scales can easily measure larger weights. Whether it is a large fish that needs to be measured or thousands of spices, they can be easily weighed due to their spacious weighing platform and the visible digital screen. In addition, cleaning and handling the scale will also become easier.


Before investing in large-capacity professional kitchen scales, it is important to pay attention to the needs of scale. If your kitchen needs to measure large items every day, it is best to choose the large-capacity electronic kitchen scale. Otherwise, you only need to choose a large-capacity scale with a removable top.



Today, we have introduced 4 types of scales. The remaining three types of scales will be introduced in the next article. Stay tuned!

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