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7 Different Types of Kitchen Scales(Two)

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In the previous article, we introduced 4 different kitchen scales. Today, we will introduce the other three commercial kitchen scales.



60-1 food weight scale

Hanging Scale

If you understand the development of kitchen balance scales, you will know that hanging scales happen to be an old tool for measuring weight. The biggest feature of hanging scales is the hook at the bottom, from which the items to be weighed are hooked. When installing the item to be weighed on the hook, the item to be weighed faces down, and the total amount is measured with high precision. There are various hanging scales on the market, but not all of them have bottom hooks. Some of them have an empty iron chain with a weighing item on it.


Different hanging scales have different sizes of hanging objects. Generally, they come with weighing sizes that are most suitable for measuring small amounts of materials. Please note that hanging scales are more suitable for measuring small amounts of weight. However, when it comes to scales with bottom hooks, not all items can be measured. Kitchen food weighing scales with bottom hooks are usually used by fishermen to weigh large fish. Due to its portability, lifting ability and high precision, hanging scales are valued in multiple workspaces ranging from medical laboratories to industrial to outdoor work.


Generally, hanging scales are divided into types: analog hanging scales and digital hanging scales. Both analog and digital scales have common parts, such as hooks, surfaces, spoons, pots, and shells. Sometimes, they also have two hooks, rings, and loops. Although they have common characteristics, there are some obvious differences.



60-2 kitchen balance scale

Top-Loading Dial Scale

As the name implies, top-loading dial scales refer to those scales that can stack items together and weigh them. This type of precision kitchen scales is used to weigh piles of clothing, fruits and vegetables, part of the meat or packaged food. Many restaurants, supermarkets, and food markets use these electronic cooking scales to weigh accurate food portions. They can also be used in product structures, which include ingredients based on total weight.


Also, they have many useful functions. First of all, the sturdy and durable structure is easy for us to observe the weight angle to achieve accurate readability. Second, its temperature compensation function is capable of realizing accurate pronto measurement. Third, they happen to be available in an affordable price range, so they are ideal for people on a moderate budget. Fourth, top-loading dial scales take up less space, so they are ideal for limited space.


Below the movable bowl of the food weight scale is a dial. Once the weight is placed on top, the dial can provide accurate readings. Typically, these scales carry weight measurements up to 1/4 pound. However, the product has a wide range of uses and can change with increasing weight.



Metric System Scales

Metric system scales come with some basic but essential weight units, including grams, liters, and meters. This means that with these devices, we can weigh liquid and non-liquid ingredients separately, which is why they are essential for cooking and baking.



By investing in high-quality kitchen scales and using them for measurement purposes, users will immediately feel great convenience. At the same time, we recommend you purchase multifunction digital kitchen scales and health sense kitchen weighing scales.

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