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Are You Annoyed at Weight Fluctuation?

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Many people often use many ways to lose weight, such as eating few foods, doing exercises, even if some girls dont eat dinners in order to lose few pounds. But the pleasure of losing few pounds disappears quickly when they stand on the electric weigh scale again after a few days, which confuses girls a lot. Is weight fluctuation normal? Here I want to say that you must know the two things when you weigh.


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1. In fact, there is no need to weigh many times per day.


Some girls find that the body weight is different when they weigh on the digital weighing machine in different times. Many people even weigh several times a day and find that it is difficult to lose weight. In the morning, their body weight loses few pounds, but in the afternoon, their body weight regains a few pounds. They feel very sad when they see the increasing numbers on the electric balance scale. It shows that weight fluctuation is really a tangled problem. One girl asked, Why body weight can fluctuate 5 pounds a day? In fact, the weight fluctuation of 5 or 6 pounds for adult per day is quite normal. Because you need to eat foods and drink water in the daytime, these foods and water have weight as well, if you stand on the electric weight machine after eating and drinking, the number must go up. So there is no need to weigh many times a day, and weighing three times per day is enough for the people who is losing weight.


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2. Is it accurate to weigh only once per day?


Many people have had this experience that they obviously did not eat too much the day before, but the weight of the next day rose two pounds when they measured on the weighing scale. How did the two pounds come from? Here we analyze several circumstances. For women, it is possible that your menstruation is coming, and the body weight will gain little with the change of the edema and hormone before menstruation. Of course, it is also possible that you just eat too salty at dinner, and too much salt in the body causes water retention, which makes the body weight sudden increase in the next day. In addition, there are other factors to influence weight fluctuations of the adult when people eat, drink, do exercises and even sleep and so on. In general, weighing once per week is ok if you do not need to record your body weight in order to lose weight. You may choose the same time to weigh every week, for example, weighing after going to the toilet in the morning. The weight data at this time can best reflect your physical condition and avoids weight fluctuation too much.


In order to weigh conveniently, you may buy one digital scale to put it at home. Of course, for women who love beauty, it is also a good choice to buy one electronic personal scale. After you have it, you may record your body weight and track it. 

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