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Do Price Scales Work for Your Company?

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It is time to abandon the old "one product, one price" theory. The flour and sugar weighed with the kitchen scale for baking are no longer just a combination of ordinary bread. The weight of jewelry weighed by the necklace jewelry smart precision balance cannot fully represent the value of the jewelry. Of course, a single package at a fixed price may attract customers and stimulate growth, and make things easier in the early days of the company. However, in the final analysis, failure to price correctly is the death knell of a product.


76-2 balance weighing scale

Customers’ personalities are fickle, and their preferences are also different. Some people intend to pay a high price for the exact functions and benefits they need, while some people pay only for what they need and avoid what they don’t need. Take scales as an example. People who simply pursue weighing will choose balance weighing scales. On the contrary, experiments require sophisticated instruments and scientific analysis, so the laboratory precision balance is always available in the laboratory.


Every customer has different needs and is willing to pay different amounts, and your pricing needs to meet all these needs. It sounds simple, but how many founders have overlooked this simple trick, making them confused. Professional kitchens need a multifunctional kitchen scale, which means that they intend to invest more money in reasonable food distribution. The large shipping scale with low price gets the heart of the shipper to accurately calculate the weight of the package.


So how do you design a scalable pricing strategy to cover a wide range of customers while maximizing revenue? How do you adjust your pricing for revenue growth, how do you make more money for each customer and protect your business from the inevitable slow period?



What is proportional pricing?

Tiered pricing allows subscription companies to set different high and low prices for various customer types with different product needs and payment intentions. Through proportional pricing, customers can choose to pay more for additional content-more users, additional features, or higher product usage, which all help increase your income.


For customers, a well-designed price scale has greater flexibility than simpler pricing plans. Small customers can use their affordable services without worrying about paying for some unavoidable extensions.


For you, proportional pricing means more revenue. In the face of a low-to-high customer market, a clear upgrade path will bring you more benefits automatically as customers grow.



76-1 kitchen scale for baking

How scaled pricing drives growth

Pricing is one of the company's greatest growth levers. A well-designed pricing strategy can not only get more upfront revenue from new customers, but it can also increase the revenue you get from existing customers to offset customer churn and help you through a period of a business slowdown.



Effective pricing is not just picking up your balance weight scale or electronic weighing scale, but an art and a science. By being prepared, you can lay the foundation for success and create a prosperous and profitable business. If you make a mistake, you will cut off the way forward and lose potential income.


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