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Do You Know About Shipment Weight?

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Almost all USPS services have a maximum weight limit. At the same time, many types of services calculate postage based on the weight of the package. Therefore, it is important to enter the exact weight for each shipment, otherwise, we may encounter overpayment of postage or the package being returned. Generally, the weight is in pounds and ounces. We recommend the best shipping scale for e-commerce or a shipping weight scale to measure the weight of your package. Unlike standard household scales, postage scales are equipped with higher accuracy.



84-2 industrial shipping scale

What Functions Do Postal Scales Need?

Digital Reading

Although manual scales work properly, they are susceptible to environmental influences and provide more chances for human error. The digital shipping postal scale and wireless shipping scale not only ensure correct reading, but can also be converted to correct postage.


The Weight of the Postal Scale

The self-weight function allows the scale to determine what to read as "0" weight, such as an empty scale or an empty box.


The capacity of postal scale

Considering that different packages have different sizes and weights, you need to make sure that any model of postage scale you buy can accommodate these sizes, especially your commonly used sizes. For example, the weight limit of the scale may be 5lb, 20lb, or 70lb. Also, the trays of some scales are so small that it is difficult to read larger packages. Therefore, according to your situation, choose to use the shipping container model, scale 1:87, or shipping container model, scale 1:72.



84-1 best shipping scale for e-commerce

Accurately Measure Package Weight

Arrange Transportation

Please put the items to be transported and all other packaging materials or shockproof materials in the packaging. We do not need to seal the box at this time.


Open Postal Percentage

Please open your digital shipping scale or take out your handheld postal scale. Of course, in order to reduce errors and avoid errors, we recommend you to use the former scale.


Calibrate the postal Scale

If you are using the scale for the first time, please calibrate the scale according to the instructions in the manufacturer's user manual to avoid errors.


Verify the Appropriate Unit

Since the postage is calculated in pounds and ounces, please check whether your scale is configured with these units and can display the weight. If you have used it multiple times, this step can be ignored.


Peel the Scale

Follow the instructions in the manufacturer's user manual for tare. When tare, the balance is set to ignore the weight of any object on top of the tray. During the taring process, any packages or mail items to be weighed should not be placed on the pallet. If the package fits on the tray well, then tare the scale with nothing on the tray. If you measure your packages or envelopes placed in a container on top of the tray, then tare the scale with the container on the tray.


Weigh the Packaging.

Please place the prepared package on a balance or in a tared container, and record the final weight.


Conversion Postage

First, we need to find the "weight" field in the transportation application. Then enter pounds in the lbs field and ounces in the oz field. Finally, we select the update button to refresh the "postage".



If you are running a logistics company or participating in related transportation businesses, industrial shipping scales and electronic shipping scales are essential.

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