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Do You Know How to Check Your Weight Without a Scale?

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Weight is a constant topic among young people. We always try our best to lose weight. Some of us follow strict eating habits and have a strict weight loss plan. Therefore, the scale can be said to be a piece of necessary equipment for weight loss people to tell us how much weight we have lost. However, the number of weighing machines is not the only way to track the weight loss process. In addition to the weight checking machine, there are four ways to track weight loss.



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Check if Your Clothes Fit

When you start exercising, you can track how your clothes fit your conditions. When you find that your clothes have become loose, then you are moving in a super good direction. For example, your pants are starting to become loose and you must keep them with the belt, which means you have lost weight. The fit of the clothes can more accurately indicate your weight loss. Wearing comfortable clothes or reducing the size is more important.



Keep Checking Your Energy Level

The more you exercise, the more energetic you will feel. You won’t feel breathless anymore when climbing stairs. Holding a shopping bag will not make you feel sore in your arm. The obvious sign of healthy exercise is that you are full of energy throughout the day. This is something the scale can't tell you. Exercise can help you lose weight and keep your body healthy, but we cannot use these indicators to help us calculate. Routine exercise programs play an important role in keeping you happy and need to take care of your body and mind. Of course, you can still choose to use a multi-function electronic scale or a food weighing scale to match your weight loss diet to strengthen your control over nutritional intake.



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Use Tape Measure

The body fat weight scale and the electric weight machine allow us to grasp the changes in our weight as a whole. Another method is to use a tape measure to measure changes in the body. It allows you to roughly estimate how much weight you have lost and where to lose weight. Everyone's weight loss range and speed are different. You can check your measurement data, such as waist circumference, hip circumference, and leg circumference every week, to understand the progress of the weight loss process.



Keep a Check on Your Sleep

Your digital body weight scale or electronic bathroom scale will never tell you how you slept last night. The quality of your sleep directly indicates the benefits of your routine exercise. The more tired you are during the day, the better your sleep at night. In other words, exercise can improve your sleep quality. Admittedly, lack of sleep can also hinder the production of hormones that control hunger and appetite. Have you found that when you are awake longer, you tend to eat more and crave food more impulsively? This is why we crave junk food when we are on standby for a long time at night. Adequate sleep can not only help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also help your weight loss journey.



If you simply want to achieve a healthy life and a perfect body through exercise, the above four methods are sufficient. If you want to analyze your weight changes more scientifically, we recommend using the health sense weighing machine or blue-tooth bathroom scales.

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