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Do You Know How to Choose a Bench Scale?

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Bench scales are widely used in various industries and have a wide range of applications. Generally, bench scales are small enough to fit on counters, workstations, and tablets. Despite its small footprint, they usually contain a variety of efficient functions.


90-1 bluetooth bench scales

What Defines a Bench Scale?

The benchtop scale is specially designed to be placed on a table or counter during weighing. They have a small footprint, but still include a large weighing pan. Some bench scales have integrated indicators and keyboards and are therefore considered "compact" scales. Other bench scales may include a platform with a detachable indicator, which can be wall-mounted for easy viewing.


The bench weighing scale is an intermediary, which means that they are not designed to weigh very fine compounds or very heavy objects. At the same time, they can be used in various settings and have many different platform sizes and housing styles.


Affordable and easy-to-use bench scales provide the functions and precision required by businesses ranging from small offices to large factories, such as portable bench scales and printer bench scales. Bench scales can provide professional weighing solutions within a limited budget and can be used almost anywhere.



90-2 bench weighing scale

Application of Bench Scales

The most common applications associated with bench scales are check weighing and counting. In assembly workshops or production workshops, bench scales are ideal for weighing raw materials, piece counting before packaging, or during quality control.


In transportation and receiving operations, platform scales of various capacities can be used to weigh boxes to ensure accurate transportation costs. The scale can be installed well on the table and can be easily connected to nearby computers and printers to improve efficiency. We recommend you use 300kg foldable digital floor bench scales and digital bench scales.


Grocery stores and stores use the compact bench scale or the ATM bench scale to weigh food, such as fruits, meat, candy, ice cream, etc.


Bluetooth bench scales and waterproof bench weighing scales can also be used in production for weighing ingredients when making small batches of food, soap, and candles.



Features to Look for When Buying a Bench Scale

To ensure easy cleaning, look for a bench scale with a stainless-steel platform and a sealed keyboard. The overload protection function can ensure that the scale will not be damaged due to excessive weight and can make its service life longer.


When used in quality control settings, automatic check weighers such as cruisers (CKT) allow users to set weight limits. If the item on the scale is below, exceeds, or is within the preset limit, the display on the CKT will change color for clear display. Some scales have audible alarms, which will come in handy during the weighing process.


For portability, please purchase a scale that includes a rechargeable battery in addition to the AC adapter. The compact bench scale has a rechargeable battery, so it can be moved or used in places where electricity is not easily accessible. Some bench scales provide excellent power options and can even be charged via USB for ease of use. When looking for a bench scale with a rechargeable battery, it is important to note how long the battery can work without charging.



Before buying a scale, please make sure to check whether the capacity and readability meet your requirements and whether there are any functional components available on the selected scale, such as automatic check weighing, piece counting, etc.

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