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Do You Know How to Weigh a Package Without a Scale?

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Maybe this is the first time you are sending a large package, which makes the small kitchen scale at home confused. We understand that not everyone has a shipping scale at home, so you may have trouble when you ship packages and they are overweight. Is there a way to weigh things without a scale?



86-2 packaging shipping scale

How to Weigh Something Without Using a Scale?

Have you already thought that it is impossible to weigh packages without a home postage scale or mechanical postal scale? After giving you advice, you will realize that it is easier to obtain than ever. We need to simulate a balance, so whether it is a long stick or a water pipe, as long as they can be weighed.


First, we need to find a long bar that can bear a certain weight. Then, add two bags on each side. Make sure that the bag can bear the weight of the item. Next, take something that you already know the weight of. It can be a bag of rice, a bag of flour, and a few bottles of milk. Put them in the bag on the left. Next, put the items to be measured (excluding the outer packaging) in the right bag. You need to place this strip on a solid support, and then add or subtract the contents of the left bag to get balance.


This is a traditional weighing mode, which measures the weight of packages like handheld postal scales and weighing scales manual balances.



Choose Some Reliable Transporters

If you want to send a package weighing more than 40 kg, please feel free to contact the carrier of your choice to customize the order. Also, you can avoid additional costs and delays by choosing flexible booking options when placing your order. This option allows you to change the details of the order, such as the pick-up date and unavoidable errors, without paying extra.



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What If My Package is Overweight?

We do have some suggestions for you on how to weigh something without a postal service shipping scale or parcel and shipping scale, but they will not be 100% accurate. Because we may not be able to fully grasp the balance during weighing through manual adjustments, which may lead to errors.


Therefore, the courier company may easily refuse to receive the package, or if the driver receives the package, he/she may return the package to your address the next day. Besides, the courier can ask you to charge additional handling fees. To avoid unnecessary delays, if the courier is already on the way to your address, do not give the package to him. If you are sure that the weight of the package is heavier than the weight paid, the first thing you should do is to contact your courier company or logistics booking platform and inform the problem. The company will cancel the order and let the courier know that he should not come to your address. Then, you can easily schedule a package pickup for the next day.



Maybe you still feel that the above methods are not convenient and fast enough. The digital shipping postal scale and packaging shipping scale are accurate enough, in which you should place one at home.

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