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Do You Know How to Weigh a Package Without a Scale?

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We learned that not everyone has a digital weighing scale at home. Even if you have a scale, its weight restrictions may not allow you to weigh larger or heavier packages. Moreover, it is now in the period of the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, once you ship packages and they are overweight, you may run into trouble. Therefore, we urgently need some methods to help us weigh things without weighing scales.



82-2 platform scale

How to weigh something without using a scale?

Most people think that it is impossible to weigh a package without a home postage scale or a platform scale. After giving you advice, you will realize that it is easier to obtain than ever. Although the weighing results produced by this method are not particularly accurate, it is indeed effective. We want you to hang your clothes in your closet, as this will be a key part of this process.


First, you need to find a hanger that can bear a certain weight. Avoid choosing hangers that are easy to deform, which is not convenient for you to weigh. Second, add two bags on each side. You need to choose as many thick bags as possible to ensure that they can bear the weight of the item without breaking halfway. The third step is to take something that you already know the weight of, whether it is a few kilograms of flour, a few liters of water, or something else of your choice. And put them in the bag on the side of the hanger. Fourth, put the item to be measured in another bag on the other side of the hanger. Finally, place the hanger on a firm support and balance the bag. Then calculate the weight of the object to be measured by using objects of known weight.


Believe it or not, you just created an old-fashioned balance sheet. It's easy to recall scientific experiments using in childhood. We put the weight on one side of the balance, and then put the measured object on the other side of the balance. But this time we used flour instead of weights.



82-1 weighing scales

Is There Any Other Way to Measure Things Without a Scale?

Use Apps and General Information

Installing apps like free postage scales or 3g digital scales and weight measurement can help you get an approximate weight. However, this means that you can only estimate some regular and small items through these applications. At the same time, you also need to make sure that other items you put in the package do not make it overweight. Here are some of the most common things people send and their weights: a medium teddy bear – 400 grams, a book – 450 grams, shoes – 700 grams, jeans – 500 grams.


Online weighing estimation

Check the standard weight of the items you plan to ship online, which can help you roughly estimate the weight. However, this also creates some problems-the courier may not be able to accept your estimated cost. And if your package is overweight, the courier driver will not pick up the package and will charge you the extra weight.


Good neighbor like spiderman

No application? Can't estimate the weight? Don't be limited by no scale. Now is the time to contact your neighbors and ask if they can lend you an electronic weighing scale or a smart weight scale to measure your belongings.



Although the above are some weighing methods that do not require a scale, we hope that you can always keep a digital pocket scale or a weighing machine for home for emergencies.

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