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Do You Know What to Pay Attention to in Digital Scale Care?

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Admittedly, digital scales are easy to use, accurate, and can save many people a lot of time and money. Its functions have far exceeded the basic ability of weighing. They can help people lose weight, monitor the symptoms of heart failure, and even bake like an expert. However, we still find that some factors affect our use of numbers. The following are some problems, which may make your electronic scale not perform its best performance.



65-2 weighing digital scale

Uneven Loading

When we use digital weighing scales or digital human weighing scales for measurement, just like we do yoga-keep balance and focus. Always place the center of gravity of the object to be weighed on the center of the weighing surface on the scale.



Excessive Exposure to Water or Moisture

We always need to pay special attention to the humid environment, which is always one of the reasons for the failure of our products. Whether it is a plastic digital weighing scale or a digital kitchen weighing scale, if the internal components are exposed to a lot of moisture, they will be adversely affected.




Digital measuring scales and precision digital scales contain sensitive measurement components, so any excessive trauma or careless behavior will destroy your scale.



Low Temperature

The digital scale can be used in a warm environment and works best at room temperature. If the scale is too cold, you will notice that it moves slowly and the display may start to malfunction.



Object is too Large to the Scale

If you are weighing a large box, do not hang it on the side and touch the surface below. The electronic scale will measure the wrong weight because the surface below supports some of the weight of the box.



Trying to Stabilize Awkward or Large objects with Your Hands

You may not notice that you are supporting the weight of certain objects with your hands, and even the pressure exerted by trying to stabilize the objects even adds too much weight.



65-1 digital weighing balance


Don't do it! This is the most direct way to destroy the scale. Putting too much weight on the digital weighing balances or accurate digital scales will permanently damage its sensitive measurement components. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the maximum capacity of the scale before use.



Electromagnetic Interference Field

Most electronic devices are delayed due to electromagnetic interference with strong magnetic fields, which will affect the precision electronic measurement components in the weighing digital scales and electronic digital scales. Besides, static electricity can also cause similar interference.



Uneven/Unstable Surface

All digital scales should be placed on a flat and stable solid surface. All should avoid uneven tiles, carpets, rubber floors, swinging tables, etc.



Low Battery or Unstable A/C Power Supply

Low battery power is the most common cause of digital scale failure. When the battery is low, your scale will appear sluggish or measure incorrectly. Failure of the power adapter may also cause fluctuations and inaccuracy of readings. When the first signs of failure appear, please be sure to start troubleshooting by checking the battery, reinstalling a new battery and making sure that all metal connections are properly contacted.



Digital scales are precision instruments and should be treated with caution. Ignore them, they may eventually become less accurate.

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