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Do you Plan to Replace Your Lab Scale?

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Balance, one of the necessary equipment in your laboratory, is helping you record every data. It's been with you for days and nights involved in every experiment. Do you remember how long have you used it? Is it time for it to retire?



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Problems of laboratory balance

First, you may find that your balance needs more maintenance than before. Second, it's hard to keep your balance in calibration, or you need to recalibrate your balance after just a few tasks. Third, the weighing result of the balance is always unstable, with drift or unexplained jump. And you find that the stability and repeatability of the balance become inaccurate. Fourth, the access points such as the pan or communication interface of the balance show signs of corrosion. Fifth, your weighing requirements for the balance have changed, or you need more advanced functions, such as updated communication interface, data storage or upgraded version.


"Yes" to any of these questions does not mean that your balance needs to be replaced. For example, static electricity may cause the balance to drift or become unstable. You can use anti-static devices (such as ionizers) to solve this problem. In addition, the vibration of nearby equipment may also be the culprit. In this case, you need to put your measurements on the vibration table. In order for the balance to perform at its best in an experiment, you need to keep the balance away from vibration, overheating or moisture, direct sunlight, chemical vapor, and airflow.



When something goes wrong with your balance

Delayed response? Inaccurate data? If you have problems with your electronic laboratory balance or lab equipment weight balance, please try the troubleshooting techniques included in the product manual first. The technical manual can help you quickly find the fault of the balance. Then you may be surprised to find a quick solution. If your product manual is missing or you can't understand the product manual, you can find a maintenance technician who can solve many problems, such as load cell warpage, internal calibration motor failure, and even software problems.



When the balance has to be changed

If your lab precision electronic digital balance or digital analytical balance lab scale requires more frequent maintenance or calibration than before, you will have to consider the productivity loss caused by downtime in addition to the money spent on maintenance or technicians. Long term maintenance and calibration means that the balance has reached its service life and will no longer be able to accurately measure data.


If you see signs of corrosion, you need to find the cause of the rust. After removing the rust factor, we will consider cleaning or replacing the balance. If the balance has been excessively corroded, to a large extent, we need to buy a new laboratory precision balance or lab mechanical balance to ensure the normal operation of the experiment.



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What functions does your laboratory balance need?

Generally speaking, the function of a laboratory balance depends on your current needs. Sometimes, as your experiment progresses, it may be necessary for the balance to have other functions. A new high-tech equipment can often bring higher efficiency to your laboratory operation, such as touch screen lab analytical balance and lab precision electronic digital balance.



If you want to change your laboratory balance at this moment, you can try laboratory balance 0.001g balance or lab internal electronic analytical balance.

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