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How Much Should Your Body Weight Be?

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With the improvement of peoples living standard, more and more people begin to care about health problem. We know that the weight of body is directly related to the peoples health. Some people even buy the electronic weighing machine such as small size digital weighing scale to put it at home in order to weigh conveniently every day. How much should I weigh? For this question, here we will introduce some relative knowledge for reference.


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How to judge the healthy weight range?


Usually people use the tool such as BMI calculator to judge the healthy weight range. This electronic calculating machine is used to determine your weight based on your height, age and gender. It is also one of electronic weighing scales, which is specially used to calculate body mass index and help to judge healthy weight range of the adult who is more than 20 years old.


What is BMI?


Its full name is called body mass index, and it is a statistical indicator of a persons weight and height. Actually it does not measure the percentage of body fat, and it is used to estimate the healthy weight by a persons height. We can say that BMI is a useful tool to judge whether your weight is within the normal range or underweight, overweight or obesity.


How to calculate BMI?


Body mass index is defined as the weight of an individual divided by the square of the height.


BMI can be calculated in pounds and inches, the formula as below:


BMI = (weight in pound) x 703/ [(height in inches) x (height in inches)]


BMI can also be calculated using kilograms and meters, the formula is as follows:


BMI = (weight in kg) / [(height in meter) x (height in meter)]


For the sake of convenience, you can find out your BMI through the standard BMI chart.


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What is BFP (body fat percentage)?


Many women care more about their body fat percentage and worry about that they have higher body fat percentage, which will increase their body weight when measuring on electronic scale. In order to know more knowledge about healthy weight standard, here we will briefly introduce the BFP as well.


Body fat percentage (BFP)refers to the ratio of body fat weight to body weight. Its formula is that fat weight divided by body weight.


Usually body fat includes essential body fat and storage body fat. Essential body fat refers to the fat necessary to maintain life and reproductive function. Due to the needs of reproduction and other physiological functions, usually the essential body fat content of women is much higher than that of men. But it does not mean that females weigh more than males. That is because the male body has higher muscle mass than women body, and generally muscle is heavier than fat. What is more, women have lower bone density. So women generally weigh less than men. When women weigh on the electronic weigh scale, dont worry too much your body weight if your body fat percentage is normal. When you read up to here, do you know more about weighing question? 

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