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How can we use analytical balance correctly?

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As we all know, electronic analytical balance are very sensitive. Many factors will affect their accuracy and measurement, such as installation environment and operation method. Therefore, it is very important for us to use the analytical balance correctly. This article will tell us some ways to help us use them better.



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Suitable environment

Any change in the surrounding environment will be very sensitive to the weight of the scale. The best condition is that the analytical balance should be placed in an ideal environment, humidity, temperature and air pressure, all of which can affect the accurate weight scale, remain unchanged.


If damping scales are used, these scales should be kept away from air conditioning ventilation because temperature and airflow will affect the scales. When reading, put the electronic balance in the vibration free position to prevent the reading from fluctuating.



Calibration work

It is undeniable that all digital lab scales will produce errors and uncertain losses in the use process. Regular calibration helps your scale provide consistent and accurate weight. Please make sure to use it at the place where the electronic weighing scale was calibrated before. Once the position is changed, it must be calibrated again. Strict calibration process is very important and necessary for us.


Before using it for the first time, please read the relevant precautions and instructions carefully. According to the instructions in the book, the balance must be zeroed and calibrated first. In the subsequent use process, we should also follow the recommendations in the book.



Avoid interference

So, the analytical electronic balance, which is very sensitive to the outside world, will also respond to any interference and contact. Even if we leave fingerprints during the experiment, the weight of the weighing container will be affected. The grease and secretion on the fingers will increase the quality and cause the reading error. To avoid this, we are required to wear gloves and use tweezers to place the sample on the balance, avoiding using hands, when handling tests with analytical balance.


Keep the balance in the same position before and after use. We should avoid taking it out and putting it back many times and using it unnecessarily. At the same time, avoid all unnecessary contact.



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Keep clean

For Analytical weighing balance with strict accuracy requirements, the balance should always be kept clean. Dirt or dust increases mass and affects scale. Therefore, it is useful to keep the scale clean. Usually, we clean the scale with a wet cloth to ensure that excess liquid does not spill on the scale. However, proper solvent should be selected for cleaning and corrosive cleaning agent should be avoided. If the measured test sample sticks to the electronic scale or other place, wipe it off with a soft bristle brush. After the cleaning process, please leave the balance still and preheat it slightly before reuse.



Sample induced error

In order to avoid introducing errors and errors, we should ensure that the sample is at room temperature to avoid airflow in the enclosure. For hygroscopic materials, we need to close the electronic weighing balance door to complete the measurement quickly to prevent moisture absorption. In addition, some other techniques can help us to measure more expertly. For example, placing the sample in the center of the balance will help us to achieve more accurate measurement. We should pay attention to reserve the scale to scale the required increment.


The correct handling of each sample to obtain accurate weight makes it important for us to use analytical lab scale. For non-conductive sample plates, such as glass or plastic, which may carry static electricity and affect the weighing results, we can use an ionization device to neutralize the electrostatic charge, so as to minimize the error.

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