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Is Your Body Weight Lighter After Pooping?

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Weight loss is the topic that people often talk. We know that all human need eat and drink every day, and body weight will include the weight of food and water before digesting and absorbing. Some people are curious if they can lose weight when pooping. And some people find that their body weight reduced few pounds when standing on the electronic weighing machine even if they did not poop today. Whether they lose weight or not when poop? In fact, people confuse the concept of losing weight and losing fat. Usually they take losing weight as losing excess fat, but they are different. When people see the reducing numbers on the electronic weigh scale, they think they are losing fat. Maybe they are only losing water they just drunk. After all, the water people just drunk have weight as well. In order to get the answer, here there are some questions you need to know.


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What does the poop include?


In fact, the feces are mainly water and bacteria, of course, there are still food residues including protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and fibers that have not been digested and absorbed completely by human body. Therefore, the feces are still nutritious, and it is suitable to be used as fertilizer. In theory, these residues are discharged from human body, and the body weight should lose few pounds when measuring on electronic weight machineHowever, the fat in your body will not go to the feces, it will be metabolized away through the heat generation of the cells. Just like a cars engine needs to burn gasoline to produce heat to drive the wheels forward.


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Are you actually losing weight just like you imagine?


In general, human cells need fat or carbon water to maintain normal life activities. After the carbohydrate and fat in food are burned in the cells, ATP is produced, which can make the cells full of vitality. At the same time, it will metabolize to produce carbon dioxide and water. And each organ in human body needs to consume fat or carbon water in the process of performing its duties such as heart beats, muscle contraction, liver detoxification and so on. When there is sufficient carbohydrate and fat in the diet, the cells will preferentially burn the energy materials in the food instead of metabolizing the fat which kept in your body originally. Only when the energy from the diet cannot meet the needs of the cells, the body will mobilize the stored fat. That is called fat loss.


Then how does the fat in the body finally get out of the body? In fact, it is eaten by your cells. The cells use fat in the body as energy sources to transform them into life activities such as heartbeats, breathing etc. That is to say, the fat definitely will not be turned into feces. So the key of losing weight is to control the total energy in the diet. After you read this, you need not consider the weight of poop when you stand on the digital weigh scale.

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