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Is Your Scale Accurate?

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The accuracy of the weighing result depends on the accuracy of the electronic scale. Accuracy is the most important quality of the digital weighing scale, so there are methods for testing and calibrating weighing equipment. The accurate requirements of a scale may vary greatly depending on its purpose. Scales used for weighing livestock and large equipment generally require lower accuracy. In contrast, scientific scales used in research laboratories usually require extremely high resolution and precision. Before using electronic scales, we need to consider some indicators that will help evaluate equipment.



66-1 digital measuring scale

Resolution Vs. Precision Vs. Accuracy

When judging weighing balances, we must first determine whether they are working properly. Resolution, precision, and accuracy are the three main contents we need to evaluate. Resolution is a value that tells the user how far the electronic weighing scale can read the true weight of the object. For example, the resolution of the scale may be one gram. That is to say, if an object weighs 20 grams, the scale will take the actual weight of the object as a unit and read the reading of the object with a maximum of 1 gram.


Precision is different from accuracy, because accuracy is required once, but precision is always required. If you repeatedly weigh the same object but get different measurement values each time, which indicates that the precision of the digital measuring scale is very low. On the other hand, if you get the same reading every time you weigh an object, you will have perfect and ideal precision.


Compared with precision, what is the main consideration for accuracy? For example, if the resolution of the digital weighing balance is very low, even if the accuracy is high, it will not give you the true weight of the object. In order to have high accuracy, the ruler must have both high resolution and high accuracy.


In fact, it is possible to create an extremely accurate weighing scale that will never return the true weight of the object placed on it. In the past, some retail scale suppliers would actually brag about the recognized quality of bad scales. The reason is simple. Although all other indicators are low, their accuracy is indeed high.


Technically speaking, this type of statement does not constitute false advertising, because the person who made the statement did not claim any untrue content. Instead, they simply conceal information to make their products look better than they actually are.



66-2 mechanical weighing scale

Why a Scale May Not Be Accurate

Over time, the industrial weighing scale may lose accuracy due to old wear and tear caused by regular use and age. The scale must maintain its original balance to ensure the accuracy of the results. However, long-term use often makes them lose this balance, so they need to be recalibrated.


First of all, mechanical weighing scales may experience circuit failure, resulting in loss of accuracy. In some cases, even at extreme temperatures, even a new scale may become inaccurate. Therefore, most smart weighing scales will have high temperature stability.


In addition, new scales may lose accuracy under harsh conditions, especially when the equipment is susceptible to vibrations and shocks. In outdoor, industrial and similar environments, we must periodically clean weighing equipment to maintain accuracy, especially for high-precision work.


Eventually, the scale will become dirty or even corroded. Cylindrical scales should be made of durable materials, such as stainless steel. Especially in the process of frequent liquid weighing, this problem is particularly serious. People who work under certain conditions will also find that the moisture content in their home business communities can cause similar problems. In some cases, only the most durable scales can be used safely. This is due to the presence of hazardous substances in the working environment.



You need to ensure that you work with legitimate suppliers with experience in this field. When you use it, learn more about why the scale may not be as accurate as it initially seems.

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