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Is a Chair Scale Accurate?

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The chair scale is a chair with an integrated scale. Depending on the brand or model, it may be an actual wheelchair or mobile chair. Small wheels make them easy to move between rooms. They are useful for patients who cannot stand while weighing, which makes the process quick and easy for both patients and medical staff. When weighing someone in a professional medical environment, the chair weighing scale must be approved by the law at Level III. Because Level III approval or verification will ensure that the chair's scale is accurate.



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What Is the Type III Approval Scale?

According to the Non-Automatic Weighing Instrument Directive (NAWI Directive), electronic chair weighing scales with Class III approval will meet the accuracy standards required for use in professional medical environments. Other examples of Class III approved scales used in other industries are retail scales such as supermarket checkout scales, industrial weighing scales, and floor scales.


The scales range from IIII (lower accuracy) to I (the most accurate scale available). Level I and Level II certified scales are very high-precision instruments, suitable for weighing precious metals and the like, such as necklace jewelry smart precision balance and electric balance for jewelry.


Class IIII scales can be used in gyms, weight-loss clubs, nursing homes, and even GP clinics, such as body fat percentage weight scales and weight loss scales. However, they are only suitable for checking the patient's weight for recording. If the weight of the patient must be carried for diagnosis or treatment purposes, a Class III scale must be used according to the law.



How Does the Scale Pass Class Approval?

For a medical scale to be verified as a Class III scale, it must pass a verification test. A verification test will allow the scale to pass many strict procedures, including some tests, to ensure the accuracy of the scale. If the patient steps on and off the scale multiple times, the scale will repeatedly display the same and correct weight.


Chair weight scales can only be approved or verified by authorized persons or organizations. After approval, the chair with weighing scale will carry the CE mark and the "green M" label, or "M" in the last two years, and then the year of verification. "M18" and a four-digit number refer to the organization responsible for verification.



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How often does the chair scale need to be calibrated?

We have determined that if the chair scale is verified at Level III, with a green M label (older model) or M18 (newer model) and with a CE mark, it is indeed accurate for use in professional medical situations.


However, as time goes by, the scale will inevitably lose its accuracy due to age, general wear and tear or occasionally due to circuit failure. To ensure that your chair scale remains accurate after purchase, its accuracy must be tested regularly. We recommend that you hire a company to test the scale at least once a year, which can ensure that the scale maintains the accuracy standards required by its grade.



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