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Scales and Balances for the Cannabis Industry

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As the "green craze" continues, more and more states legalize marijuana for medical or recreational purposes. Every step of the industry, from growers to pharmacies, is fighting censorship to document every stage of the cannabis plant, from seed to consumer. In this process, we need to use lab industrial balance or lab precision electronic digital balance to weigh the products. Since this product has a high price tag per ounce, it's necessary to make sure everyone gets the right quantity. And balance is the tool we use to ensure the right quantity.



25-1 Lab Scales

Major Players in Marijuana Distribution Channels


The grower is responsible for planting the plant. Usually, they sell raw materials to processors, who are also wholesalers, and sometimes they process flowers by themselves



The processor is a tool for pruning, drying and curing plants. It does the preliminary processing of plants so that they are ready to be made into consumer goods.



The manufacturer puts the preliminary processed plants into production. Finally, the finished product is sold to the pharmacy.



Pharmacies are the bridge between manufacturers and consumers. It is responsible for selling finished products to patients and consumers.


For consumption purposes, professionals use high precision balance when measuring the weight of marijuana, and the requirements for high precision of weighing balance are the same for each level of hemp processed by professionals. Medical laboratories operate outside the consumer centric supply chain. They focused on studying all the ingredients of the cannabis plant to find out their effects on the human body.



25-2 Lab Scales

What Kind of Scale is Needed to Sell Medical Marijuana?

All scales used to sell marijuana to consumers must be grade II, which means they must display results from 1mg to 50mg (0.05g) and have 10000-100000 scales or more, such as accuracy 0.0001g digital laboratory balance and 300g / 0.001g professional lab digital balance scale. Because the number of hemp products sold in pharmacies is small, the readability of 0.01g is ideal. California's size requirements provide representative industry status.


Medical laboratories don't need such high precision in terms of scale requirements because they don't sell marijuana. They usually use scales with readability of 0.0001g, such as lab digital sales 0.0001g electronic balance and 0.0001g digital scale.


If it is to be used for sale, the balance must also be approved by NTEP before it can be legally traded. Approval by NTEP or the national type evaluation program by the National Institute of standard and technology means that in the United States, it is legal to buy and sell goods by weight. As with other products (such as biopharmaceuticals or jewelry), small amounts of marijuana sold in most transactions require a high degree of readability to protect the interests of both buyers and sellers. Therefore, lab precision electronic gold balance or laboratory fine balance is an indispensable weighing tool in the transaction.


For growers, this high-precision readability is not important in the production process. But once marijuana is ready to move on to the next stage (such as wholesalers), where currency exchange takes place, a legal trade balance is needed.



Because industry is changing fast, and the laws vary from state to state. if you want to sell or buy marijuana, you should be sure to check the local laws to verify the requirements of your state.

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