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What Can a Digital Pocket Scale Be Used for?

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With the improvement of peoples living quality, the digital pocket scale is used by many people. No matter we weigh the cooking ingredients or check the postage of a parcel before sending out, we all need the pocket weight scale. Now it has been an essential tool of peoples life and work. The pocket scale not only can solve the weighing question for people who work in the market, but also can be carried anywhere conveniently. Then what is the electronic pocket scale used for? Here we will introduce 6 common uses for you as below.

18-digital pocket scale

1. Weighing the cooking or baking ingredients


Nowadays, bakers and chefs often rely on the digital pocket machine to weigh the ingredients for recipes in the household kitchens or restaurants. We know that it is difficult to control the amount of materials by hand, but the kitchen food scale can help us. No matter at home or while dinning out, for those who are restricted diets, they can be easy to check food amounts using a pocket weighing machine. In addition, the pocket scale is often used to weigh fine food samples, such as spices and cooking herbs.

2. Weighing the small parcels before mailing to check the postage conveniently


For home based business owners, they often work at home. They can use pocket scale to weigh the envelopes and small parcels before mailing to ensure the postage contained within the cost. In this way, they can control unexpected costs.


3. Weighing Chinese medical herbs in pharmacies


We all know that the dosage of Chinese medical herbs is very small, and each are only required around 10 grams. Pharmacies often use pocket scale to measure each herb. In health food stores, customers and vendors find that pocket scale is a useful tool to measure herbs or spices.


18-electronic pocket scale

4. Weighing the materials for scientific research or medical experiments


Usually the amount of materials is very small when researchers do the experiments. The special digital pocket scale can provide very accurate data for scientific research or medical experiments. It is very useful for research and experiments.

5. Weighing the precious items such as gold, silver etc.


Different goods use different pocket scales to weigh. For gold, you should choose a 0.1mg gold weighing scale, and for eggs, you may choose a common kitchen food scale. For items with high economic value such as gold, silver etc, people often choose a high precision pocket scale. For example, one gram of gold which price is close to 400 Yuan, if the accuracy of scale is 0.1 gram, the error will be more than 40 Yuan. So many gold shops use high precision pocket scale with windshields.


6. Tracking body weight


The pocket scale is often used for tracking body weight. Since it is small and portable, people can carry it anywhere. It is very convenient to record the body weight for people who are losing weight. And for girls who love beauty, they can measure their body weight anywhere if taking a mini pocket scale. Hmm, it is really good.

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