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What are the Four Steps to Build a Laboratory Balanced Workstation?

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Laboratory balance is a precision instrument, which is easily damaged in a bad environment. It is better to have a special working area for measuring such accurate tools. With a dedicated workstation, you can not only access all important records and data at any time, but also do not waste any time setting up new workspaces or looking for misplaced projects. Before setting up the workstation, you need to make sure that your lab weighting balance or analytical lab balance does not move from this area.



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Key Techniques for Creating Your Own Laboratory Balance Workstation

Choose Your Balance

A series of laboratory balances are available on the market with readability up to 0.0001g to ensure that you find the right balance for your needs. Lab electric balance and lab precision electronic digital balance include many built-in weighing functions, such as percentage weighing, part counting and density measurement, which are ideal for use in your laboratory workstation.


Add Calibration Kit

Two pan analytical balance and single pan mechanical analytical balance should be calibrated frequently. We need to record the calibration date for quality control, peer review and traceability assessment. In order to ensure the capacity and readability of your balance, you need to prepare the appropriate calibration weights. We recommend that you prepare a complete set of calibration devices, including gloves and / or tweezers, to properly handle highly polished stainless-steel weights (OIML or ASTM). Some scales can be equipped with automatic internal calibration, effectively allowing the balance to self-calibrate at regular intervals or by pressing a button. For busy laboratory professionals, this balance is the preferred solution for experiments to eliminate the time-consuming external calibration process.


Use a Solid Surface

The anti-vibration table can be used to reduce the vibration caused by air flow or movement during measurement. Vibration can lead to fluctuations in reading, especially when using precision instruments and small samples, such as 300g / 0.001g professional lab digital balance scale and micro analytical balance. In addition, fluctuations in reading can also affect the calibration process.


Download Data Collector Software

In addition to the hardware, we can also download a data collection program designed to capture data from the electronic balance quickly and easily. Users can, among other things, plot data, perform statistical analysis, and quickly export readings to other applications. The advanced data collector supports eight different balances and six different users at the same time, allowing custom fields. And, in some cases, you can operate the balance remotely. Therefore, the data collection program is an ideal tool to process the original data of the balance.



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Advantages of Laboratory Balance Workstation

A dedicated workstation can also perform balance calibration and your important experiments, which will help to ensure that your balance is always in the correct state. If you spend a lot of time making accurate measurements, you need to make sure they are not damaged by incorrect calibration or environmental fluctuations. For laboratory professionals, a dedicated laboratory workstation is a good investment, saving time and effort by ensuring that the weighing process is as accurate and accurate as possible.



We not only  need a dedicated workstation, but also some high-end measuring instruments, such as lab precision electronic digital balance and laboratory precision balance, which will help us better measure and record data.

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