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What is a qualified food scale?

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According to the requirements of dietary guidelines for the intake of a variety of food for a balanced diet, nutrition absorption, health, immunity and so on have an important role. So, everyone needs a digital food scale to measure our intake.


Kitchen scale is divided into two types: electronic scale and mechanical scale. The electronic scale only needs to click the start button to confirm that the original number on the scale is zero, and then put the food on the small digital scale, and the number displayed is several grams. Mechanical scales are usually pointer type. After the food is placed in the center of the scale, the number displayed by the pointer below is the weight of the food. The mechanical weighing scale on the market is usually kilogram scale, which needs to be converted into grams after reading.


Mechanical kitchen weighing scale is generally divided into 1kg, 2kg, 3kg and 5kg, and the accuracy is as low as 5g, which is suitable for the occasions with low accuracy requirements. Electronic weigh scale is generally 5kg weighing range, the minimum accuracy can reach 1g or even 0.1g, more suitable for home baking and other occasions with higher accuracy requirements. So what is a qualified food scale?



50.kitchen weighing scale


For the small quality kitchen scale, accuracy is the most important place to consider when users choose. Generally speaking, the accuracy of a food weight scale is one fifth of its measurement. Most of the kitchen scales on the market have a maximum weight of 3 kg, and a few of them reach 5 kg. The most important thing is to choose freely according to the accuracy and measurement you need.



50.food weight scale


Weighing machine for kitchen is made of ABS or AAS plastic and stainless steel. Electronic kitchen scale may also use toughened glass, because the toughened glass is easy to clean, so it is generally used as the tray part of the kitchen scale. The materials of kitchen scales are generally shell and interior materials. First of all, for the shell, kitchen scales of different brands at different prices will use primary materials and secondary materials. Generally speaking, kitchen scales with rough appearance like frosting are mostly made of secondary materials, and the price is generally lower than food weighing machine made of primary materials. Aluminum or stainless steel can provide better protection.



Unit of measurement

Compared with the real intelligent electronic scale, although the kitchen scale can do the best in accuracy, it may not be able to surpass everything in function. Nowadays, kitchen scales on the market have only a single unit of measurement, either metric (g, kg) or English (ounces, pounds), and the habits of each user are different. So in this case, we must pay attention to the unit of measurement to meet their own habits when purchasing electronic scales.




For food grade items, the highest requirement is cleanliness. A good food scale should be easy to clean. Most of the food is small and easy to carry, which is more conducive to cleaning. Food measuring scale should also be waterproof and oil resistant, and resistant to high temperature and corrosion. It is also very important that the materials used in food weighing must be safe and food grade, and must not contain any substances that are hazardous or hazardous to human health.

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