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What is the Role of Weighing in the Quantification of Blood Loss?

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The blood volume of the human body accounts for 7% - 8% of body weight. The limit of blood loss is 1.9-2.8 liters, which accounts for about 50% of the total amount of human blood. The extreme record of the minimum amount of blood left for life is only 0.9 liters of blood, which is 75% of total blood loss. Blood in a healthy adult is between 3.8 and 5.6 liters. If you lose 15% of your body's blood, it won't immediately make you feel sick. But once you exceed this standard, your pulse will speed up, and you will feel dizzy and cold. If you lose 40% of your blood volume, it will prevent blood from flowing back to your atrium, which can cause tachycardia. Weighing, by using electronic precision balance or laboratory weighing balance, is an effective method to quantify blood loss.



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Why is it important to measure blood loss accurately?

On the one hand, underestimating blood loss can delay life-saving treatments because bleeding has not been detected early. Failure to recognize the severity of blood loss is the main cause of death due to severe bleeding. Blood loss can lead to shock and death. The shock caused by excessive blood loss is called hemorrhagic shock. The general adult's total blood volume is 4000-5000ml. If the blood loss exceeds 20% of the total blood volume (blood loss is greater than 800-1000ML), shock can be caused. In addition, whether blood loss causes shock is related not only to the amount of blood loss, but also to the speed of blood loss. Generally, if the blood loss is less than 10% of the total blood volume within 15 minutes, the body can maintain the blood pressure and tissue perfusion through compensation. For some serious injuries, such as abdominal visceral rupture and bleeding or acute gastrointestinal bleeding, the situation of shock is different. Because the blood volume is insufficient in a short period of time, and the red blood cells decrease significantly, the body has no time to compensate, resulting in a decrease in the blood perfusion and oxygen supply of peripheral tissues and organs, and finally shock occurs. Therefore, weight machines in laboratories and laboratory analytical balance are indispensable equipment for measuring blood loss, which can help us accurately judge blood loss and further assist in treatment.



On the other hand, overestimating blood loss can lead to expensive, invasive surgery, and put patients at higher risk. Early treatment of blood loss can help patients recover faster and lead to complete recovery. The accuracy of digital analytical balance lab scale and lab precision electronic digital balance is high, which greatly improves our ability to judge the blood loss of patients.



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Why use scales to measure blood loss?

In the operation, fast and accurate blood loss measurement, strict control of blood loss, and to ensure effective blood volume are important links in the smooth operation and postoperative rehabilitation of patients. At present, the methods of measuring blood loss include calculation, weighing and colorimetry. Using lab precision electronic digital balance or laboratory fine balance to measure blood loss can not only measure blood loss quickly, but also get accurate results.



The United States has done a study on assessing blood loss among medical staff in trauma centers. Pour 300 ml of red liquid onto the bed sheet or floor. Most medical staff estimate that the liquid is only 50-150 ml. Obviously, the estimates made by the medical staff are seriously inadequate. Therefore, it is not advisable to measure blood loss by experience. The more precision measurement is needed, the more we need an electronic weighing machine used in laboratory and lab electronic balance to help us.

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