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Which is better——analog weighing scale or digital weighing scale?

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Weighing scales are very common in our life, and there are many different kinds of best weighing machines for different ways. The function of scales is very important in shops and manufacturing industries. You can also take scales as your daily needs, because you can use scales to weigh your weight every day at home. But before you buy scales, you need to know what different choices are available in the market, including digital scales and analog scales, which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Analog scales are considered as a traditional means to measure weight, while digital measuring scales are a modern way to simplify measurement. Both types of scales perform the same task in different ways. Before you make a purchase decision, you need to understand their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.



70-weight measuring machine (2)



If you pursue the accuracy of weight measurement, then you have to choose a digital body weight scale, because digital scale can make accurate measurement of weight, which makes people feel more reliable. The function of analog weighing scale is mainly based on mechanical factors, so the readings will fluctuate, and the weight display of best digital scale can even reach the decimal point, which is impossible for analog scale, and you can blindly believe the results of digital scale.



Holding capacity


Another important factor for you to buy a scale is to check the scale's volume, that is, how much weight this scale can bear. Whether it is a digital body scale or an analog scale, their volume is limited. Generally speaking, the analog scale can bear 100 kg to 120 kg, while the volume provided by the digital scale is much higher than that of the analog scale. The weight holding capacity of the digital scale is usually 150 kg.





The measurement of analog best body weight scale depends on spring, which is mechanical in nature, because you don't need to change batteries or maintain them frequently, but simply use spring mechanism to reflect the weight. Whenever and wherever you want to use it, you can stand on the best weight scale, and you can get readings in a short time, while digital scales are generally used to make accurate measurements.



70-weight measuring machine

Power supply


Another advantage of analog scale is power consumption, because analog body weight machine belongs to mechanical work and does not need to use power supply, so you can also use them when power is cut off, while digital scale often gets low-frequency signals when there is not enough power, which leads to inaccurate readings.





With the increase of use time, the spring used to measure and display weight is easy to wear, and after continuous use, the spring will become loose, which will lead to inaccurate toxin, which is a major shortcoming of analog weight scale machine.





Another factor to measure is the weight of the equipment itself. Compared with the digital weight measuring machine, the analog scale is heavier. When you lack enough space, it will cause storage problems. The digital scale is designed to be lighter because it is relatively small, so it is easy to store anywhere. Moreover, the digital scale will be given various interesting designs.

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