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Why Do I Look Thin But Body Weight Is Heavy?

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When people weigh on the electronic weight machine, they found that they look very thin, but weigh a lot. Even if some people including men or women who always look skinny in clothes, but there are a lot of fats on their stomachs after they take off their clothes. Though their faces, necks, forearms and lower limbs are not fat, but their stomachs and arms like jelly when pinching. Foreign people call these people as skinny fat people.


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What characteristics do the skinny fat people have? Usually their density of muscles and bones are not enough and like puff, it cannot bounce back immediately when pressing, which is not a good characteristic of health. For these people, they often feel tired and exhausted in life. Since the body is short of muscle support, their physical strength cannot last longer. Even if they only do some daily works, they will feel tired easily. In addition, because the muscle mass is too small and the basal metabolism is low, they will be very easy to get weight once eating more or their diet habits changed. That is the reason some people look thin but body weight is high when they weigh on the digital weighing scale.


Here we should know one word firstly, that is body fat percentage (BFP). It refers to the proportion of body fat weight in the total body weight, which reflects the content of body fat. Therefore, if your body fat percentage is high, I am sorry to say that you are still a fat man, because your body weight is high when you weigh on the electronic weigh scale.


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In general, skinny fat people are also related to the BMI (body mass index) and body fat percentage. If your BMI index is normal or lower than normal standard, and your body fat is still 20+, the meat on your belly is telling you that you are already in the ranks of skinny fat, even if you look thin, and you have to admit the truth of body weight when you stand on the digital weigh scale.


Many people will be confused why their body shape will be better when the body fat percentage is lower? Here we will give an example for easy understanding. Most people know this question which is heavier for one pound of iron and one pound of cotton? Some people will answer incorrectly, because they think intuitively one pound of cotton is too big, and one pound of iron is too small in their minds. So they believe that cotton must be heavier. In fact, we all know that they are the same weight on the electronic weighing scale since they are both one pound. In the same way, the muscle and fat in the body are the same. Muscle is equivalent to iron, and fat is equivalent to cotton. In the premise of equal weight, the volume of fat is much larger than muscle. So body fat percentage is also the key indicator that affects a human body shape. And only looking thin does not represent health and good body shape.

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