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Why You Need to Have a Digital Pocket Scale?

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We know that the digital pocket scale is a kind of mini scale. Here we will tell you the top 10 reasons you need it.

19-pocket scale

1. It is easy to carry and you can take it anywhere.


The main characteristic of pocket scale is small and lightweight. Wherever you go, you can take it with you.

2. You may enjoy many plenty of functions.


Nowadays, the function of pocket weight scale is not only measure the weight, but also has many new features such as recording and tracking body weight function, reminder function, calculating calories etc.

3. You can get the precise measuring data.


We know that different scales have different uses. For large parcels, people usually use large scales to measure the weight. And for small parcels, people often use pocket scale to weigh in order to get the precise measurements since some small parcels are just several ten grams.

4. It is useful for lab work.


If you work in the laboratory, you will know that you need to pocket scale to measure ingredients with small amount. The amount of ingredients cannot be too much or little when you do experiment, and the amount must be very precise. Sometimes even an extra milligram will influence the result of experiment. And the electronic balance scale with high accuracy is easy to operate.

19-pocket weighing scale

5. It is helpful for cooking delicious foods at home.


When people cook at home, sometimes they need the cooking weighing scale to measure the small amount ingredients in order to cook delicious meals. Especially for the spices, you cannot control its amount. Otherwise, it will spoil the dish or take away from the flour of other ingredients.

6. It is suitable to measure the right amount of Chinese medical herbs.


With digital pocket scale, it will be easy job to measure Chinese medical herbs. You can weigh all sorts of powders and herbs, and you ensure to weigh the right amount. After all, too much or too little Chinese medical herbs or medicines are fatal for the people.

7. It is helpful for checking the weight of letters or small parcels.


When you go to post office to send letters or small parcels, you must want to know the weight of them and how much you are going to pay. At this moment, electronic pocket scale can help you.

8. It can help people to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.


The digital pocket scale is helpful for people who want to maintain a healthy and balanced diet especially for the professional athletes and special groups such as patients, old people etc. With a scale, they can calculate the certain ingredients of foods which they cannot eat more.

9. It can help people to weigh jewels and expensive gold or silver goods.


In the past, people relied on big balance scale to weigh jewels. Now mini pocket scale can be easy to carry and operate. And the high accuracy can be reached milligram. It really brings more convenient for jewelers.

10. It can help people to prevent paying overpriced fees at the airport.


If you have one digital pocket scale, you don’t worry about your luggage overweight at the airport. It can prevent you meeting a frustrating scene because of paying for an extra fee. 

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