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Why Your Body Weight hasn’t Any Change But Losing Inches?

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Many girls like beautiful clothes, but the good body shape is the key. In order to keep good body shape, many girls do not dare to eat more foods, since they are afraid that the body weight will be high. When their forearms and faces become thinner, they stand on the electronic weigh machine and find they are losing inches but not losing weight. This question makes young girls or women who love beauty suffer a lot. Here we will tell you the secret that the numbers on the digital weigh scale tell nothing! Maybe you will feel surprised when you read this. After you read this article, you will find out the answer.


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What does the body weight of one person include?


In general, the body weight of one person includes the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and adipose tissue, and it is the sum of body units. When people mention weight loss, the first reaction is that how many weights should be lost according to electric weight machine. Then which part we can lose weight? Of course, it is water or fat.


We know that water is important for the human body. If there is too little water in the human body, people will dehydrate and it affects the bodys functions. For example, if you have diarrhea for several days, you stand on the electronic weighing scale, and you are pleasantly surprised, Wow, I have lost a few kilograms. After you recover normally, the numbers on the digital weighing scale will immediately return. In fact, you body shape does not change at all during this period since it is just a false impression. In fact, weight loss is to lose excess body fat. We know that too much fat will cause various health problems. In previous article, we mentioned body fat percentage, which reflects the content of body fat. If body fat percentage is normal, people need not lose fat.


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How to keep normal body fat percentage?


That needs people to have good habits in daily life, and keep reasonable diets and do exercises regularly. For the diets, you had better to eat more vegetables and fruits to maintain balanced diet. You also can choose some exercises you like to keep good shape. For example, quit high oil, high salt and high sugar foods, and strictly control the total calories of food intake, eat small and frequent meals, do more exercises every week, choosing to stand when riding, or choosing stairs when going up and down and so on. If you do all this, will you worry about your body weight when you stand on the digital weighing scale next time?


Furthermore, you may prepare one electric scale at home, and weigh regularly to check your body weight, which could be helpful for the professional athletes or people who is trying to lose weight. Now there are many kinds of electric weight machines in the market, and the shape and size is different, you can choose it as you like.

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